Anybody with the US Vogue?

  1. LV has an ad on the very first page of Scarlett in her undies with a lockit so why advertise the lockit in the new seasons ad's it been out awhile now. Makes me wonder was this ad for something else and the bag has been airbrushed out and replaced.
  2. lol so what do you suspect the original bag is?????:graucho: (***AHEM cough cough miroir lockit cough cough) you're too cute :p

    okie, seriously now, I don't think they'd do that... I mean, the mono lockit is still relatively new from its re-debut and not everyone is a hardcore LV addict like us, so many people still don't know about it. I think LV's just trying to get more people to notice its comeback..... OR they're setting the stage for the miroir lockit :biggrin:
  3. it could go either way.
    i see both your points.
    im more surprised that Scarlett is in her undies.
  4. yayayaya! ooh! that would be gorgeous!
  5. I thought it maybe the LVoe tote at first but I've looked at the pics posted here previously and it's not that one wrong pose ha ha maybe I am being a little carzy!
  6. They probably figured that they should throw in a mono bag becasue that's what they're known for- and over the years LV will make far more money off the mono lockit than any of the LE or seasonal pieces.
  7. has anyone got a pic of it please. Thanks !! :smile:
  8. I know of this one so far..I'll see what else I can find..I haven't found any others of her looking like that:
  9. Here's one with the Rivete:

  10. that's the rivete
  11. Ok, found one:
  12. I havn't seenit yet :sad: i want to see
  13. Voila! The lockit!
  14. I love your thinking :love: :graucho: