Anybody with the small Loop bag?

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  1. Why anyone would want to come for one of the nicest and most helpful posters in this subforum is beyond me but hey, whatever rubs your Buddha, man :flowers:
  2. Being offended creates the same destructive energy that offended you in the first place
    —Wayne Dyer
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  3. You're certainly one up on people like myself who are fluent only in their born language (and then not always!). Please continue to post, the BV forum is one of the friendliest I've had the pleasure to be part of. As long as dialogue is open and honest any misunderstandings can be easily smoothed out. :flowers:
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  4. This is an older thread, and perhaps I shouldn't revive it, but I found it while researching the small Loop (which I quite love), and I'd like to add my two cents. I've only recently fallen in love with BV, and from spending time in this forum, I know that what many people love about BV is the softness and puddle-ness (for lack of a better word) of many of the styles, similar to many traditional Balenciaga styles. I appreciate that, however, the styles that appeal to me most are the more structured ones, because I find the juxtaposition of the structure and the soft intrecciato/geometric texture to be an absolutely beautiful combination. So many structured bags from other designers appear hard and unforgiving, but BV softens structure in a really amazing and subtle way, and it does a far better job at this than Chanel or YSL in my opinion. The small Loop is a great example. I considered the Garda before deciding on the Loop, but when the SA told me it would lose its shape and basically turn into a puddle, I knew it was not for me. She recommended the small Loop, and I didn't buy it at the time simply due to the price, but have since found a gorgeous one on sale in a color I adore (Dahlia) that is on its way to me. I'll post it when it arrives.

    Anyway, perhaps the positive way to phrase all of this is that there is a BV style for everyone? :smile:. I do love the carefree look of many BV styles, but the structured bags are also well worth a rave!
  5. AF4B103A-5C3D-451C-847A-33F1899707B2.jpeg Just received my new small loop bag. Thought it may be heavy because of the hardware but it is not. About the size of a medium Garda but half of Garda’s thickness. Have not tried putting my stuff but I think it will be perfect as an everyday bag.
  6. Definitely yes. Let's just talk about Bottega Veneta. Peace and love to everyone.
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  7. That is just lovely! Enjoy.