Anybody with the small Loop bag?

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  1. I‘m planing to visit the BV store in the next days. I will have a look at the small Loop bag in black.

    Does anybody have it? What are your experiences with this bag? Is it practical to go in and out of the bag?
    Do you can show me some modeling pics please?
    Thank you so much!
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  2. Are you referring to the woven Nappa with metal rings? (this one:

    I have only tried it on but in the dark bronze color. I found it relatively light weight and an elegant version of a hobo. In this smaller size, BVettes commented it could go from day to night really well. It's a really pretty bag. Take a read of these two threads to learn more:
  3. Thank you very much, Gritje!
  4. There are two of them on eBay already, can't comment as to authenticity but wow, that's fast.
  5. Do they soften with use? I looked at this bag recently and was turned off by how stiff and structured it seemed.
  6. Next week i will have a look at it. If it‘s stiff I will not buy it. I‘m also afraid if the handle is too heavy because of the rings. Maybe it doesn‘t sit well on the shoulder??
  7. Today I have had a look at the small Loop bag and I was very disappointed about it!

    The bag is stiff, it‘s difficult to go in the bag, and the very stiff handle doesn‘ sit on the shoulder because of the heavy rings. This really isn‘t a good model of BV!

    The bigger one is absolutely too big!!
  8. Sorry to hear you didn't like it.

    I responded well to it but I think it's also because I didn't even try to compare it to other BV hobos and the 'mushiness' of those bags.

    I think of this as a more formal hobo. I actually liked the structure. Both sizes fit on my shoulder (perhaps my big swimmer shoulders support the bag better). In terms of access, it is a deeper bag so one does have to dive in and dig around a bit more. With the exception of the Baseball hobo, most of BV's hobos are fairly shallow.

    I guess I'm writing back because the statement "this isn't a good model of BV" didn't seem fair. It's not a good model for you. I have that with many BV styles. But that doesn't means it's a bad bag. It just didn't work for you.
  9. Are you the BV Police? Seems someone should be able to express their own opinion without being lectured.
  10. I am sorry if my words appeared 'police-y'. That's the awful part of this online world. Tone is hard to carry across in the written word and I do try hard to be neutral in my tone.

    What I also try to be sensitive to is that something I might not appreciate personally is something that someone else might really like. So I avoid blanket-type statements. And I can appreciate the argument "it shouldn't matter what other people think; as long as I like it, that's all that matters." That's definitely true. Yet, we are human, we want to belong, we want others to like what we like, and feelings can get hurt. And for someone who might really like a bag, in this instance--the Nappa Loop--a blanket statement might make their joy just a bit less.
  11. Wow, that's more than a bit rude.
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  12. Gretje‘s post affected me deeply, but I think we should stop now to discuss.
    I will no more post here in the BV subforum, because I don‘t speak good enough English to exactly express what I will say.

    All the best for you all!
  13. I do hope you will reconsider and continue to post when you have questions or buy something new to share it with us.
  14. #14 Dec 20, 2017
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2017
    I have often been impressed with how well members whose first language is not English are able to communicate here. So many members speak multiple languages. I’m envious because I don’t. I imagine that it could be a challenge to understand all the nuances of a second language. If you are reading this, posting here, and English is your second language, please understand that many of us are impressed with your abilities to communicate in multiple languages, especially if we can’t.
    And, if once in awhile, we don’t understand each other completely, let’s chalk it up to language differences and keep sharing our information and love of BV.
  15. We all have differences and we all certainly have opinions
    I think anyone who speaks more than one language smarter than me since I only speak English ( sometimes I question how well I actually speak it)
    What brings us together here is our love for the brand Bottega Veneta
    Let’s focus on what we love and not so much on who said what
    On the Internet, it has been my experience that feelings will get hurt, misunderstandings will happen. Life goes on.
    This sub forum has fantastic women on it. Please don’t let a little misunderstanding keep you away