Anybody With The Orange Paddy

  1. Hey Paddy girls, My hubby bought me my first paddy and he loved the new orange colour - wants me to buy the matching moccasins too, anybody else out there liking this colour cause I am getting complements. I figured since he was buying he would bring back the normal black or brown handbag but--
    wow I was surprised and I like it""":wlae:
  2. I don't own that color, but I have seen in IRL.

    Very nice!! Great for fall, congrats -- and what a special DH you have.
  3. Its a really lovely warm colour. Fab for autumn/winter. Congratulations
  4. Congrats ccde51!!! You should post pics of your new paddy! I bet the color is beautiful!
  5. Pics pics pics!!! The color has to be amazing!
  6. I have the orange Paddy as well. No one knows about Paddys around me; the only thing they ask about is the lock – whether it is heavy or whether it really works.
  7. I have the front pocket paddy in this color and absolutey ADORE this color; however, the bag is going back. The stuffing that connects the handle to the bag has separated. I am getting pretty tired of the paddys having this problem (at least for me). Every single paddy I have gotten has had this problem.
  8. Hi Mammab, can you explain what you mean by the stuffing? I looked at my bag and I'm not sure what part you're referring to. That's not cool that you've had this problem several times. Hope the next one isn't defective! :yes:

  9. Hi!!!! Please, Please, Please post pics!!! I have been thinking of this color, but have only seen one on the shelf at Nordstrom. Thanks!!!!:flowers:
  10. I saw the orange @ Nordies yesterday. It REALLY "pops"! It was next to the beloved Whiskey and it "popped" so much more than Whiskey! I'm not a huge fan of Orange, but this Orange is SO GORGEOUS!! Congrats on your new paddy & what a nice hubby! :jammin:
  11. I've seen the orange Paddy too, and it really is a beauty. The color is different without being too shocking. It's a really nice bag :heart:
  12. IT's so hard to describe, but if you pinch and squeeze the very, very bottom of the strap (above the "spoon" shaped leather that connects to the bag) and keep squeezing and working up, you can feel where the stuffing in the handle "disconnects" inside and all I am left with is leather holding the bag on and no stuffing inside. This has happened with 3 of my paddys and I definitely do not carry a ton of stuff in my bag that would justify that happening. Sooo frustrating, but I still love the bags and keep searching for one that does not have this problem. On my orange one in particular, all of the other straps have reinforcements you can feel inside the leather at the bottom of the straps, except for that one side. Grrr!
  13. Mammab, thanks for the clarification. I see what you're referring to now. I would be really annoyed if that part broke! Hopefully it can be repaired :yes:
  14. I love the orange, that's my favorite color yet!