Anybody with the new Mini Roma?

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  1. I'm planing to buy the new mini Roma next week. I like the shape of the Roma very much, but the normal Roma is too big for me.

    So I would ask you, if anybody has bought the mini Roma. Pros and cons?!

    Thank you so much for your help and greetings to all from Switzerland!
  2. Nobody has bought the new Mini Roma? I'm very interested to know: how are your experiences with this bag!
  3. I would also like to know if anyone bought the new mini Roma. My boutique tells me it's selling very well.
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393418872.490113.jpg

    I've not bought this but it looks interesting as a current Roma owner. The price is a setback though being so close to the full size Roma.

    The current colours offered are not interesting enough. For this size 27cm it should be fun colours. So I'll wait another season.
  5. I've seen the new Roma and love it. I wanted it in a red, but the new Red is too orange for my complexion. Waiting for a color I cannot live without.
  6. Thank you! I have seen it at the Boutique, but I would know if anybody has bought it and how are the experiences with it.

    I like Prusse very much ( I find it very elegant and very versatile!) , and I think I can't resist next friday...
  7. well the price is proably like a sofa and chair
    a chair costs almost as much as a sofa because almost the same amount of work goes into making it
    I think it is great that they made a mini roma because the regular roma was heavy
    and once you put all your junk in it heavier still

  8. Exactly - I agree! The amount of work is the same - it's only a little bit more leather on the "normal" Roma.

    The difference between smaller versions of different bags is not much less on every designer I know.
  9. A boutique in Las Vegas was carrying an emerald green color. It was beautiful!
  10. Im waiting for a fun color too but the bag is expensive, even by BV's standards...