Anybody with Papillon 19?!

  1. i was wondering if anyone has a papillon 19 and whether or not you can take photos with the bag in action? i am looking to purchase one, i've never seen it IRL yet, but in pictures, it definately looks like a winner. anybody with photos, or even input?! thanks in advance..
  2. I dont have one but I have a papillon 26 and ive seen the papillon 19 IRL ..its pretty small, too small to use as an everyday bag. I thought it had been discontinued but I saw it on eluxury a few days ago! Good luck!
  3. its pretty small :smile:
  4. I had one for a brief time. I might be able to dig up a picture or two. It was quite small. I could just fit a small wallet, cell, and lip gloss in it. Very cute, though.
  5. i think it's been discontinued for quite some time now, but like kissmyace said, you'll see one pop up on elux, here and there. it's probably old stock that hasn't been selling.

    it's a cute, little bag but i think the 26 is a more substantial size. 19 is more of an evening bag size, whereas the 26 can be used everyday.
  6. hm, some girl is desperate for a sale right now and is offering it to me for only $150 shipped.. i don't really want it that bad because the papillon 26 barely fit all my stuff, but the price is sucking me in!! i don't know what to do :sad:
  7. It's really really small. But cute. It's a great evening back though. And $150 is a really good price for one.
  8. i know! and i'm gonna feel so bad if i end up passing on it.. she needs the money so desperately but i'm really trying to hold myself back right now.. it's christmas season and you guys know what that means!! money money money. but it's such an incredible deal, it's so hard to say no.
  9. You can use it as a make-up kit. It's a great deal. Is it from eBay? Make sure you post the link to AUTHENTICATE THIS thread.
  10. nope, not from eBay.. but it is definately authentic. i don't want the mods to close this thread cuz if i mention where the source is, they might think i'm trying to turn this into a selling thread! *sigh* i'll think about it.. but i highly doubt i'm gonna get it just because i really have no need for it at the moment.
  11. i have the papillon 19, and can't really use it for anything more than an evening/special occasion bag. I dug up some pics from my cousins wedding, so maybe they can help you visualize the size. It may be small, but it works great when you want to carry a small bag, but have to have your essentials with you.
    papillon 19.JPG papillon 19a.JPG
  12. Whoa....that is tiny! But $150?!?! That's a great deal!
  13. misss60 thank you SO much.. ahh i guess i'll get it..
  14. no problem! post pics when you get the bag and enjoy!
  15. i used to have the pap 19...for about 1/2 held my damier bifold, keys, cigz, lip gloss, compact, and phone...i like the size (i don't carry too much)...but i sold it after i got my popincourt...this was last year..