anybody with a Le Compagnon? or other small accessories?

  1. I am curious with the matching wallets/accesories. I've seen pictures of it straight on but never saw it in person. Wonder how functional they are especially the compagnon (does it have cc slots, coin pockets, etc.)
  2. Yup ... I have a number of the accessories:
    • Compagnon Wallet (Black)
    • Many Coin purses (White - which I'm selling, Rose, Eggplant, Sky Blue, etc.)
    • Shoulder (aka - Moto) Bag in Black; also in Magenta
    • Cosmetic/Makeup - Metallic Red and Black
    ... and on ...

    Was thinking about calling Balenciaga-NYC to see if they have the Rouge Compagnon ...

    You might want to take a look at this website, as it identifies all the various bags & accessories:
  3. I saw the ateliernaff pics, I just never seen the compagnon in person / opened up. Do you have the regular one or the mini? I'm curious what it's like opened up