Anybody who is buying or has bought the "By The Way" bag?

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  1. Still love it! Always get compliments when I wear it. It’s comfortable, capacious and looks quite chic:smile: Can be worn crossbody or in hand. One downside, and only one, corner wear...but it maybe me as I don’t ‘baby’ my bags at all;)
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  2. Thx for letting me know. I will be checking it out :smile:) I don’t baby my bags either and I wanted to use it as a travel bag ..too delicate?
  3. I have the small size (believe there’s a ‘regular’ and ‘mini’ as well) and find it quite comfortable and sufficient as a crossbody to take sightseeing etc. It’s made of good leather, certainly strong enough to withstand wear&tear of regular use. So I’d say no, it’s not too delicate :smile: Please share pix if you decide to buy it!
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  4. Hi! I hope I'm not too late about this, but I love the Fendi by the way bag. I have it in size small and in black. I've taken it everywhere around the world with me and I love the option of carrying it crossbody, shoulder, or top handle. The bag is beautiful, durable, and I love the organization in the bag as there's a zip pouch I the middle and makes it easy to organize and find what I need in all 3 compartments. I don't baby bags and it's still in great condition like the day I purchased it. Thank you for letting me share!
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  5. The corners of this bag seem pretty sharp. Have you had any troubles with the corners wearing or having a hole in it? I am interested in the small size, but not sure about the corners. Also, does the bag have a sag at all, or is it pretty much structured? All the pictures I've seen seem like the bag is very structured, but I like a bag with some slight sag. TIA!
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    I have no corner wear in mine. The bag is structured but leather is light, very soft and squishy. I think the reason why it's able to keep its shape and structure is due to the middle zip compartment holding up the bag. I've downsized my bag "collection" to 4 bags and the Fendi BTW is one of the bags I'm keeping. I didn't know about this bag or had any interest in it until I saw it on a Youtuber and what caught my attention was the compartments and how under the radar it is. I use this bag on the weekends and it's great for travel. Good luck on your decision!

    Here are some photos of me with the bag on a recent trip in Japan. I carried it both crossbody and if I shortened it to the shortest setting on the strap it looked like a cross body "fanny pack."

    6B2C36A0-8F86-42BC-9511-9767C657C086.jpeg 8A241A63-886D-4E3C-9794-0256FF74D45C.jpeg
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  7. Thank you so much for the pictures. You look wonderful with the bag! Is yours the small size? I'm thinking the small may be a tad too big for me, but the one in mini size is too small. My husband didn't like the bag at all, he said it looked too plain for the price tag. Lol! I'll probably look for one preloved. Thanks again!
  8. Thank you! Yes, the one I have is a size small. I got mine preloved as well.
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    I have it in mini size. I love the leather though, its smooth. Fits all my essentials considering that its a mini. I am thinking of getting the medium size a a work bag.

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  10. OMG—that is such a cute BTW with the bows! And the colors are so pretty!

    I love BTWs! So functional, can fit lots more stuff than it looks like it would, and is so under-the-radar. I have 5 and I love them! I don’t have a mini, but 4 smalls and a large.
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  11. Oh, and I do get wear on my corners, unfortunately. I’ve had mine for years and that’s the one downside for me. But that is a small downside for me in comparison to all of the pluses! But Fendi might have improved their process over the years, since my two newest ones have no wear, are still a couple years old, and I have worn them much more often than my three oldest ones.
  12. Hi everyone! I'm close to buying a BTW bag in the beige color. It's really beautiful! :loveeyes: I need your help though. For those who have it or any light colored BTW, is there any issue with color transfer? Does it stain easily or show watermarks? The leather is so smooth and supple, I'm just worried about the maintenance and spraying it with protectant might affect the leather. Would appreciate your replies...Thank you so much in advance! :love:
  13. [​IMG]
    Got this for my daughter some time ago.
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  14. Hey, I saw your video on youtube and and i hope you dont mind me asking, but was it on sale when you got it? Im curious about how much it usually is if I buy locally and I saw you got it in Rustans.