Anybody who is buying or has bought the "By The Way" bag?

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  1. Sometimes it comes with black or beige. Depending on what SA gives me. My btw bag is with black dust bag while peekaboo mini is with beige. Then regular is black. Hope that helps.
  2. My black btw purchased new came with a black dust bag, so I think you are ok.
  3. Hi, I just bought a Fendi by the way with monster eye (black) and I couldn’t see this version on their website. Wondering if this is a seasonal bag? Anyone knows???
  4. I'm struggling between a tail/plain version. Any pros/cons for either by owners? There is hardly anything on YT:sad:
  5. I don't own this bag but from what I've heard here, the tail can interfiere with the strap and it can become a little wonky over time.
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  6. Today with my BTW bag [emoji175][emoji175] IMG_6807.JPG
  7. I've never really liked this style in the past but recently I bought this on impulse because of the FF logo handle and tag. Absolutely love the logo and still maintain as a rather understated bag. Plus it fits my tablet so nicely as I don't want a big bag to lug my tablet around. The size is just perfect as an everyday bag [emoji173]
    20190407_193524.jpg 20190407_194538.jpg
  8. Hi! Your bag is gorgeous! Where did you find her! Enjoy your new beauty [emoji173]️[emoji173]️
  9. Aww thank you! Got her in Fendi boutique and they also have the FF logo handles on blue and red leather. [emoji8]
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  10. Nice color combination
  11. I just put this mini on reserve on fashionphile. I’m so excited, I wanted one of these two years ago and when I saw this color combo I just had to have it. Also it was $625 which was a really good deal! I wanted just a nice leather designer bag without logos but that was still really chic and I felt like the btw was perfect.

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  12. So beautiful!! Did you use any leather protector on it? I'm wondering about color transfer from jeans.
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    I'm looking to purchase this exact bag! I love it!! In the 3rd photo, it looks almost olive/taupe. Is this an accurate representation of the color in natural light? I'm still deciding between getting that or the beige/camel with the burgundy key clochet. Though I'm afraid of color transfer and maintenance of the latter. Help!
  14. Absolutely fab!
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  15. I’m thinking of getting this bag do you like it after using it?
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