Anybody who is buying or has bought the "By The Way" bag?

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  1. I absolutely love this bag! I've had it for almost two weeks now and haven't carried anything else since it arrived. It's a perfect size for me, fits everything that I need on a daily basis, and I love that it's so understated. I also got the dark gray with black handles, and I'm thinking about getting a solid black one as well!

  2. I think I got your 'dark gray with black handles'. This bag is versatile and can really hold a lot. I am new to Fendi but I find myself deeply in love with the bag. My next would be the Pink rose one with chocolate handle.
  3. I just saw your review on youtube, and then found you here! I love how sleek the bag looks on you!!! Does it hold up well?

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  4. guys guys... what do you think of this one? I mean... It's sold out everywhere but gorgeous!! I'd love it if the tail was yellow since I only where yellow as a bright color! I seriously love this bad, especially with the tail... it looks like a little dragon to me, so sleek but with a lot of personality!

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  5. It’s a stunning piece! Go for it! [emoji7][emoji7]
  6. I love it!
  7. IMG_1771.jpg IMG_1783.jpg IMG_1770.jpg
    How about this one! AAAAAHHHH!!! Just fantasizing because I just had a baby and oh man do diapers cost money... i’m curious about the strap with the bags which have long tails... i find them edgy and less plain looking, but i don’t know how the hardware is going to hold up... thoughts? Experiences? IMG_1782.jpg
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  8. I've been looking at purchasing either a small or mini BTW bag and am wondering if someone can tell me why it's sometimes referred to as Boston By The Way bag? TIA!
  9. Maybe this kind of bag is called Boston bag.
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  10. Thank you never settle with one bag. (love your name by the way!). I googled and yes, apparently this style is called a Boston bag. It's just weird, on the Fendi site some of them call the BTW bag, Boston and some don't so I thought it was a size or length term :smile:
  11. Where did you find this color combo? I love it!!
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  13. I just got a preloved BTW and found out it doesn’t come with a shoulder strap. Would you know where I can get one? This is the the color that I got.

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  14. You can probably buy one of the StrapYou straps or find a site that sells adjustable straps like Mautto for it.
  15. Hi
    I just bought fendi btw black colour at some authentic individual seller at instagram , but it comes with black dust bag, since i always see comes with beige dust bag is that becomes any problem?