Anybody who is buying or has bought the "By The Way" bag?

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    @Abba13 - If you hadn't identified it as snake, I never would've known. I actually think it's a pretty neat looking bag.

    Here's one that I've been eyeing up on Bluefly. Unsure whether the reptile handles and charm are real or not. I'm hoping not since I won't be able to purchase (supposedly I can't get reptile shipped to California). I'm also a bit nervous because I didn't know that Bluefly sold Fendi (or other designer) bags so I'm worried this is a fake.[​IMG]
    I think I prefer the bag above to this one. I think the main body color might lean too orange.
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  2. I like the first one too...the color of the handles is so

    I had no idea one can't have reptile items shipped to California. I lucked out then with mine. Yes, I ended up keeping it. I've hit the age where I'm free to go back and forth...east coast/west coast. Had I ordered my bag while in Ca, I would have been told no? Luckily, I am in Maryland where the bag was shipped....But!....will be heading back out in a couple of months. Hope they don't stop me at the border. I wonder what the reasoning is behind such a law. I hope it's not PC running amok.
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  3. @Abba13 - Found this regarding snakeskin: In California, the sale of python skin or parts has been outlawed since 1970, around the same time the federal Endangered Species Act of 1973 was being discussed and formulated. Importing or shipping the species or products made from it into the state for commercial purposes is illegal.

    So it's fine if you already own and wear it in California. And you can possess a snakeskin bag or shoes and wear it into the state.
  4. I had no idea. Thanks.
  5. I have that exact bag, I posted a pic a couple of pages ago and the color looks a little different in person. More of a taupe!

    I bought it from fendi in Vegas so no help here as far as authenticity and Bluefly but I thought I should point out the color if you’re considering it and expecting it to look like that! Good luck!
  6. Does anyone know if Fendi has discontinued the Mini By The Way bag? On the Fendi website, they have sizes Small, Regular, and Large. The small size is almost 2.5" longer then the mini one that I already own. I was planning on purchasing another mini BTW bag but if they have discontinued this size, I won't buy as I don't like carrying larger bags. I remember trying the small size on back a couple years ago and thinking it was too big for my liking. If they have discontinued it, I will just have to go the pre-owned route.
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  8. Hi all,
    Can anyone comment on the corner wear of these beauties please? I’m looking at the large. I am new to Fendi so any help would be appreciated from those who have more experience with this particular bag.
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  9. I have the Small by the way and in the early days, have worn the bag almost constantly every 2-3 days for a number of months. The body is grey with yellow zipper and blue hang tag. The corners unfortunately do wear out in this color - this is the one that stops me from buying more from Fendi actually. Having said that, I love the style of the bag so much that I continue to use it in any case!

    So maybe depend whether you will use it regularly or occasionally?
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  10. Out with my By The Way bag today. I love this soft, feminine color IMG_4866.jpg
  11. Slight corner wear showed quickly on my forest green btw. I used this bag every other day for a month and noticed. Don’t particularly baby my bags but don’t mistreat them either so corner wear was a bit of a shock. However more visible corner wear is to be expected on darker bags so I’m told.
    That said, I love this bag so much that I’ll wear it until its looks wither and then will buy the same one again! ;)
  12. I just picked up my new black BTW:

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  13. I think these bags are lovely, and I had never heard of them until earlier this week. I love it so much that I've ordered a small multicolored bag, looks like a very dark grayish taupe with black handles. So excited.
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  14. Hello, everyone. I am new here and this is my first post. I'm so glad that there is such a forum online. I did some research before buying my 'By the Way' bag. Here I received a lot of essential information about the bag. This is a great source of reference.

    I must say I love it, much more than I had been expected. To be honest, the look of the bag does not appeal to me too much. But when I saw the real thing with my own eyes, I was stunned. The leather is sturdy enough but still feels fine. The colour combination is superb. It can hold all the essentials. The compartments inside are practical and everything falls into its place. Overall this is a very functional and classy bag.
    Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 7.43.55 PM.png

  15. This pink is so stunning! The look makes me think of buying a new one...
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