Anybody who is buying or has bought the "By The Way" bag?

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  1. I was walking through Saks this past weekend and saw a small version of the "By The Way" bag and instantly fell in love. Since, I knew nothing about it, I set out for an online research and finally chose this Tri-colored Turtledove in Large. Of course, it being Fendi, I couldn't resist the Bag Bug charm coming out this fall so I pre-ordered that too.

    Anyone has it or is planning to get it? If interested, Nordies and Barneys have the Tri-colored the same price as the solid which is not the case in Saks.

    Please share your thoughts! Thank you.

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  2. Hi there! I have been intrigued by this bag when I first saw it on Nordstrom's website. I have yet to see it IRL. Likewise, I'm curious on the details and quality of the leather and workmanship. How is it carried handheld?
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  3. The quality of the leather is amazing plus I love the discreet Fendi Roma embossing. It's a handheld with a detachable shoulder strap. I guess the only thing you cannot do is sling it at the crook of your arm. The straps slide in and out so sometimes it can lie flush to the bag. I hope I am making sense. The pics show the small version.

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  4. Fendi bags are generally gorgeous and great quality IMO, and this beauty is no exception! :smile:
  5. Stunning....I haven't seen it IRL but intend to go to our fendi boutique this weekend and look for it!
  6. Thanks for the input! I am sooooo curious now. I am so hating the fact that I love handbags.....such an addiction ;) I saw on the Fendi website that this bag also came in blue. Hmmm..... the turtledove looks so nice and pristine though....
  7. Saw this pic on HK appledaily today

  8. Yes, the one with the crocodile strip on top 2500.00
    From runway is on my wishlist

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  9. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1402519692.892029.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1402519715.879990.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1402519872.681858.jpg

    He's here!!!
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  10. Personal review: LOVE IT!!!

    It's quite compact at 33cm but it fits everything that I fit with my 35cm B.

    Leather is amazing, structured, nice to the touch, does not slouch, very lightweight.

    I usually do not like "compartamentalized" bags but this actually works and is easy to get in and out of.

    Strap is adjustable with snap buttons and is quite comfortable.

    It's not an "It Bag" but a classic that is both functional and chic in my opinion.
  11. Here's some eye candy.

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  12. And more...

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  13. And some modeling shots from peeps.

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  14. Emma Roberts

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