Anybody watching Miss USA 2006???

  1. I decided to stay in tonight and am watching Miss USA 2006 peagent..

    One comment that I have to make: "What's up with Donald Trump, JR's hair??" I think the whole family has to stop going to the same hair stylist? :lol:;)
  2. i'm watching :P......drew looks sooo tiny next to nancy :lol:
  3. thanks for reminding me. im watching it now.
  4. ^^^What do you get for winning? Money? I always hear everyone make a huge deal out of it, but very few have done anything afterwards...
  5. It's on in an hour on the west coast! I'm sick and stuck indoors so this should be fun.
  6. Aw man!!!

    Wait, I *think* I'm mad! LOL!
    MY good girlfriend was Miss Colorado and usually has a viewing party!

    INTERESTING show usually! It's fun to watch it w/ someone's who's been there, she sees/notices things I would NEVER notice!
  7. Beauty over brains obviously tonight!
  8. Oh my gosh, that sounds soooo fun. Will you invite me someday?! :nuts:
  9. i agree.... :amuse:
  10. I am not a fan of all the fake boobs!!!!!!
  11. I hope Iowa or California wins.
  12. so who won? i tried watching it but i'm not a very big fan of pageants. if it were a talent show then it'd be a different story.
  13. Kentucky WON - In her final question, when asked about teenage celebrities being role models, she said that they are "more edgy" and ended her sentence in "yeah." Awful answer IMO.
  14. I noticed that too, the content of her answer was ok, but the wording did not sound intelligent at all. I was hoping for Miss California, oh well.
  15. That was interesting... I wanted Ohio to win!