Anybody watched Helen the Baby Fox?


Mar 14, 2006
I did last night and cried buckets! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

And I kept hugging Jimmy(<----Dog on the left) throughout the entire show. It was so touching I just cried naturally. The worst was when Helen fell to the ground after Taichi showered summer flowers on her to make her feel what Summer was like...

Ok, I'm crying again as I type it out.... :crybaby:

Anyone else watched the show? :crybaby:

it's based on a true story. *sob*

A little boy is sent to stay with his mum's boyfriend who is a Veterinarian while she goes off somewhere on an assignment.

He finds a Northern Fox puppy on his way home and brings it home. The baby fox turns out to be too tame for the Vet and after tests, he finds out that the baby fox can't see, can't hear and can't smell because of a blood clot in her brain.

In the Vet's opinion, the Baby Fox was pretty much a goner since you can't really survive in the wild with all your senses gone.
He thought the baby fox was very much like Helen Keller so the little boy named the baby fox Helen.

He became mothering Helen and tried to teach her the things in the world by placing her paw under running water like Anne Sullivan to teach her what water felt like, what grass was etc. He even got her to drink milk and eat little pieces of meat (which was virtually impossible since Helen cldn't see/smell but he did it!) so that she would be strong enough to be operated on in hope that the clot can be removed and her senses returned. He learnt skateboarding so that he could teach Helen to skateboard and often did so with her in his pouch. He took her out on bicycle rides with Helen in his bicycle basket.

The operation failed and Helen was kept in the University for observation. The little boy travelled all the way there and tried to take her back, Helen then gave out her first cry that baby foxes do when they call out for their mother. She was calling out for him. Helen began to recognise the little boy by the vibration of his footsteps.

However, the clot in her brain caused her to have seizures and everyone knew Helen didn't have long to live.

Summer was approaching and the little boy wanted Helen to feel the summer flowers in some way and brought her to a beach where summer flowers bloomed. He left her on the beach and crawled over the fence to pick flowers, while he did that, Helen gave out a second cry for him to come back, he did and planted the flowers around Helen as though it grew around her and showered the flowers on her saying: "Helen, this is what Summer is like. Isn't it beautiful? Can you feel it?"

Helen fell to the sand after a little while and passed on. It was 3 weeks that she and the boy had spent time together but everyone felt it was a miracle she could've survived for so long with the blood clot in her brain and her lack of senses.

Sorry it's so long. Animal movies like this always gets to me... Hubby was weeping and I was literally flushed with tears. This show and Quill can make me sob anytime... :'(