Anybody watch Good Morning America this morning???

  1. Im almost positive there was a woman wearing a large khaki/beet Carly! She was from Dallas, talking about her "girl trip" to New York. It was gorgeous and seemed to fit on her shoulder over her coat quite nicely....I need this bag now...
  2. I saw it, too! It looked really good on her! I love the carly!
  3. didn't see it, but I always get excited to see Coach on General Hospital.
  4. oohhh I am on the west coast so I just switched to it lol and saw it! I was wondering if it was fake though :confused1: Oh well, it's fun to see!!!! ;)
  5. oh! well, im not talented enough yet to be able to spot a fake. Thats why I only buy from coach stores or macys!
  6. Coachfreak, Im a big GH fan as well! Remember a while ago when Elizabeth was carrying the khaki w/the pink trim (suede maybe) little hobo? She carried it on the show every day for like ever - I kept thinking "will someone please give this girl another purse!'
  7. I'm addicted to GH and I've never noticed Coach.....I must not be paying enough attention. I'll make sure that I watch out for it in the future now that I know it's there!
  8. When I'm out I always notice women's purses. For some reason on TV I never notice. Weird, huh?