Anybody watch Big Spender last night - LV mentioned....

  1. Big Spender
    AETV Nov 19
    05:30pm EST
    Series/Reality, 30 Mins.

    "Jen & Morgan" Episode #Pilot.
    Jen and Morgan confront the consequences of years of poor financial decisions.

    Original Airdate: November 19, 2006.

    ...did anyone see this show? WOW, Morgan and Jen were spending WAY BEYOND their limits.

    Well, it was a good eye opener for those living beyond their means. Thousands of dollars in debt, car was almost going to be taken from them at any time - husband doing nothing! $7-10 at Starbucks a day, 2+ packs of cigarettes a day, etc...

    And the sad thing, his parents still giving them money, etc...

    Anyway, Jen had a huge obsession shopping and with Dior & LOUIS VUITTON...It was SO sad, they ended up taking EVERYTHING to a local consignment store - including her 6 LV purses....but in the end, for some reason she was able to keep her LV Alma.

  2. I did see it and it was really scary to see how far they were living beyond their means. It didn't really seem that they understood how bad their situation was - hopefully they learned their lesson. I just can't believe his parents were still giving them money...

  3. I know, they seem like your typical young married couple and he didn't have a JOB and then could only find work as a cab driver...what's up with that?
  4. I know! I couldn't imagine not having a job and having the audacity to ask my parents for money - I would feel so bad. He just didn't seem to be motivated...
  5. I just found out about this show. Today I watched an episode with a 26 year old women, still lived at home with her mom. She didn't pay for rent or anything. She would spend all her money on designer clothes, shoes and handbags. She had over 300 pairs of designer shoes at an average of $200 a pair =$60,000 in shoes . She had massive and massive amounts of new clothing in her closet with tags still on. WOW! Some people are really sick.
  6. I just saw that same episode yesterday. Man, I can't believe that her mother was paying all of the bills for the gal and her husband and taking out loans to do so--unbelieveable. How could she not get that she was spending way beyond her means.