Anybody want to see my Holiday Patchwork Lunch Tote??

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  1. I know I posted this on the May purchases but getting this bag has made me Stupid Happy! :yahoo:Giddy with Joy!:wlae:Come celebrate with me-I made brownies!! :nuts:

    Today my Holiday Patchwork Lunch Tote arrived! Sheesh, I could fit a whole lotta lunch in here! I purchased the matching wristlet you see in the photo in Dec 2005.

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  2. Brownies?:wtf:

    Oh, yes, your bag is a beauty! And you got the wristlet to match!

    I love my holiday patchwork duffle!

    Enjoy your new things!:yes:
  3. yay!!!! i love love love it!!!!!!

  4. I love that year's patchwork--gorgeous!
  5. Court, I have to thank you for your authentication and encouragement! You're a peach!! :yes:
  6. likewise! :yes:
  7. awwww, what a cute tote and wristlet!!
  8. That looks great! Congrats! Now where are those brownies?:graucho::graucho:
  9. gorgeouss! i got the same bag at an outlet last december, and i am still in love with it :love: enjoy yours, its an AWESOME bag!
  10. Brownies :drool: ... where? Congrats on the pretty lunch tote...glad that you found it!
  11. looks great! the placement goes well with your wristlet too! :smile:
  12. Great stuff!! I'm starting to like the patchwork stuff more and more each time I see it!!!!
  13. Beautiful!!!
  14. all that SUGARRRRRR will make us zoooooom to get more Coach!

    We should all have our moment of Coach fame! Go ahead post away!!!

    This combination of ocelot, metallic and purples is the greatest patchwork yet! Have fun!
  15. mmmmmm.....brownies......

    Congrats on your bag!!