Anybody want a CAT???????????

  1. ....because she's REALLY in the dog house now............

    No suspenseful strip teases.....just..........

    this..............28cm Rouge H Chamonix with contrast stitching.....
  2. Damn that cat has good taste! Congratulations Muffin!!! Another fantastic purchase!!!
  3. :roflmfao::roflmfao: Just beautiful!!!!!!! I don't know if I can handle the 'magic powers' that cat comes with!!!!!
  4. ....she's going to rehab............
  5. Several in Malibu. Maybe she can take some day trips out and visit me!!!!! Jeeez that cat is lookin' done!!!

  6. That is such a cute cat with great taste :roflmfao:
  7. Ohhh Muffin did good! :tup: Go Muffin!
  8. [​IMG]

    She does look like she's seriously hungover!!!! Go MUFFIN!!! GREAT BAG!!!!!!!

    But S''re now doing COLOR? Or are my eyes deceiving me????

    Rocker - I think you had a hand in this....the next thing you know, Muffin will be buying something in vert anis!!
  9. SUMPTUOUS bag... Cat might be naughty, but she's got such taste! Bravo!
  10. Nice kitty. Fantastic bag!
  11. WOW! S'Mom! Sweet! :yahoo:

    Poor Muffin....goin' away for having such good taste! :p

    Not to detract from your gorgeous new bag, but I just love your outfit! You look awesome! I esp. like your top...Might I ask what 'style' a top like that is? Does it have a style "empire" or anything? I have been trying to find a top like that, in cashmere preferably, but without success....:sad: Thank you in advance!
  12. Bad kitty, bad catnip for YOU!

    Good mommie, good mommie...kelly for YOU!
  13. I love the rouge H in the chamonix. Muffin did very very well!!!! Beautiful contrast stitching!
  14. I LOVE Muffin! And your kelly is GORGEOUS!
  15. yes but before you go crazy ........think about this: What if muffin goes to rehab, she is minding her own business--rehabbing by day, surfing by night and then BAM someone like Britney or Lindsay or Paris shows up? What if they are a bad influence? Then not only will Muffin have a serious Hermes addiction but she just may turn into a slut as well!