Anybody used Tarte Smooth Operation Foundation?

  1. I decided to try a new foundation. I like the tarte mineral powder, so i am trying this new make up. Anybody tried this, is it good? haha i always make these threads :p If I dont like it, the sephora SA said i could return it. Ive never spent this much money on a foundation (32.50 plus tax).
  2. Ohh ive used it! i liked the formula a lot but the color ended up being too dark for me (im VERY fair). If it was a better match I would still be using it!
  3. It's VERY light. It's almost like a tinted moisturizer/ liquid foundation hybrid. I had ~6 samples of it from Sephora, but I've only used 3 of them. It's okay, but nothing spectacular IMO, especially for how expensive it is :shrugs:
  4. I wanted to try it but got suckered by an SA into buying Lorac's ProtecTint. No good at all!