anybody used decleor tan accelerator?

  1. has anybody used decleor tan accelerator? i go on holiday in 4 weeks, and wondered if it's worth the money?
    if not, has anyone used any tan accelerator that they can recommend?
  2. I never found that tan accelerators worked for me. You'd be using this in a Tanning bed, correct?

    I used to buy those creams and would only use them half the time because they smelled god awful and left my skin so greasy. I find that I tan faster without them. In usually 2 or 3 15 minute sessions, I'm brown enough to wear short sleeves and capris and after that I get brown quickly through regular sunlight :smile:
  3. I've used this and it was brilliant. I always burned before but after I used this, I tanned straight away. Whatever you decide, have a great holiday.
  4. lamiastella - no it's not for tanning bed use, it was just to use before beach tanning on holiday!

    kelly-bears - thanks for the tip, i think i'm gonna try it and thanks for wishing me a good holiday!