Anybody use the LV credit card holder? Or Porte-Cartes?

  1. I originally ordered the Koala wallet and for the life of me, I just cannot bring myself to pay the price for a wallet! :cry: (And I can afford it!)

    I ended up ordering a very pretty wallet and matching checkbook by Tusk from Zappos. They have red stitching on them and I think will be very versatile with the majority of my bags and together they were $160ish.

    But -- I just have it in my mind that I want a matching wallet! I'm thinking that if I bought the credit card holder or the Porte-Cartes, then at least I'd have something that matches my bag -- and I use my credit card ALL the time vs. paying with cash or check...

    Does anybody use one of these pieces and if so, is it too small? Do you use it for something other than credit cards?

    Thanks for any opinions! Maybe in a few months I'll buy that dang Koala wallet but for now, I want too many purses. :rolleyes:
  2. I have a mono business card holder that I use as a CC/ID holder with my smaller bags.
  3. I have the CC holder, and I love love love it. It is so great. I also have a couple of pics in one sleeve.
  4. I also use the mono business card holder as my everday wallet. It fits my credit cards, travel cards, etc..and some cash.
  5. Thanks ya'll! I'm going to order it then!
  6. I have the CC Holder.........It was the ONLY thing that held ALL my cc!!
    no other wallet they made had enough slots....I have alot of cc to say the least, I absolutly love my cc!! its the best thing ever. you can put 2 cc in each plastic sleeve. The cc holder holds a ton of cc, so if you are a person with lots of cc, this is for you!! it comes with 7 plastic sleeves, but my SA gave me extra, free of charge.
    hope this helps
  7. I use the mini address book with the snap, I took out the book, so that it has 3 pockets for cc and id and receipts. I like it cause it fits in small pockets.
  8. dad uses the credit card holder. He likes it because for him, it keeps everything nicely organized.
  9. My Husband & I Each Have A Business Card Holder.....For Our Business Cards! We Recently Bought For Our Son (As Many Of You Know ~ He's 3!)...He Really Loved Ours....He Hands Out His Own Calling Cards (To Friends & Family!)......It's Very Cute!!!!
  10. My DH uses it as a wallet, fits better than his Damier Wallet in his back pocket.