anybody use regular gas on their high end cars?

  1. specifically a mercedes benz, does it really need premium gas or would regular gas be okay. Just want to ask because I have a Ford Explorer and I've always only used regular gas but we will be getting an ML320 (a used one- 2001) next week. Is there really a big difference between regular and premium? Thanks for the info...
  2. I have a Mercedes Benz E55 AMG & I always use premium unleaded. There is a difference~
  3. I use premium. Sorry. The manual says you can use lower grade, but there is a difference in engine performance.
  4. i use premium for my X5 too.
  5. same here :smile: I use premium for my benz.
  6. Always use premium unleaded for the 'higher end' cars. even my 1989 bmw needed 93 octaine until i took it off the road, i still have to use 93 in the audi.
  7. My mom uses premium in her Lexus GS- but my grandma sticks regular in her Lexus ES and it has no issues.
  8. it's better for the performance of the car to use premium.

    i say, if you pay that much for a high-performance vehicle, an extra dollar or two when you fill it up should be a commitment you're willing to make in order to maintain your investment. change your oil, get your tires rotated, use the nice gas.
  9. Thanks so much for the info you guys...premium it is then :smile:
  10. It actually depends on how the engine was designed and the compression ratio of your engine. If your engine has a higher compression ratio and you are using lower grade gas then the gas may *explode* before maximum compression is reached (i.e. full stroke on the cylinder) resulting in degraded performance and you may hear engine *pinging*.

    Note: so if you have a car that was designed to use regular then premium is a waste of money. But if they say the car uses premium, well then there is a reason for it. :biggrin:
  11. ^^^
    That was hot! ;)
    And true. I would simply go by the manual. Most cars are fine with regular gas. Where the confusion comes in is the Octane rating systems. In the US it's the r/m^2 method, where as in Europe it's the RON method. If I'm not mistaken, 93 RON is around 89 r/m^2 (~midgrade gas). So again, check your manual. Also, if you have a turbo or supercharged car, you're more than likely gonna need a higher octane gas.
  12. I drove a Mercedes SUV for a few years and then a Lexus SUV - both got regular gas at last 50% of the time.
  13. My husband is totally anal about cars and he drives a Mercedes R500. Kind of like a blown up station wagon. We call it the "man van". Anyways, he ALWAYS puts in premium.

    Acegirl, It figures you drive an AMG!! LOL I love AMG packages on any Mercedes!

  14. lol. this is what 4 years of engineering school gets me.. some factoids that I can break out once in a while... :p (I do not even REMOTELY work in the car biz..). Anyhow... what Charles says.. read the manual!!
  15. hmmmm....i put regular in my Navigator......i wonder what the manual suggests. maybe i'll talk a look-see at that tomorrow.