Anybody up for a virtual cheap feel????

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  1. 'Cause I got this for my birthday...and she needs some rubbing...

    (notice I am not doing any slow teasing as I do not want any more kittens harmed...)


    Natural Barenia PM Picotin with Potiron trim....( It was supposed to be MM, but the SA was mistaken)
  2. <THUD> :nuts: :nuts:

    It hurts on the floor and I can't get up from screaming "WOWEEEEEEEEE!!!"

    Look at that GORGEOUS barenia Picotin!!!!!!! Look at that sexy trim! Is that potiron chevre? LOVE the contrast stitching!!!

    That is one seriously luscious bag, QM - congratulations!

    (now how will you keep yourself from rubbing her constantly???:graucho: )
  3. OMG, it's a beauty!! I got to play with HG's barenia the other day, an amazing leather. She scratched it, poured water on it..... no stains. So, you can let Quinn go wild on it! We need modeling pics now!
  4. that is one truly yummy bag . . . congrats!
  5. wooot!!! so gorgy!!! congrats girl! you deserve it!
  6. Gorgeous picotin Quinn's Mom.
    I love your chest also.
  7. Thanks ladies...Sus...that chest is from my husbands came from Salamanca NY area...and that's all I know about it...

    Katel..yes it's Potiron chevre on the under handles..the pipingis potiron too...


    Now everyone inhale...

  8. Beautiful..yes we must see modeling pics:graucho:
  9. Yumm... congratssss!!! :biggrin:
  10. But wait there's more....
    Pelican cadena (because it reminds me of the FL Keys and I love Islands you can drive too!!)....


    My DH got me the Liao necklace


    And I had to get the Les Giraffes scarf....
  11. I love the necklace and your other goodies! Congrats!!!
  12. Congrats QM, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Great loot!
  13. Great stuff! Thanks for the hit of Barenia before I go to bed, lol! Stunning bag. yum, yum.
  14. Well if I do modeling pics now..they would be in my bathrobe...

    but here is the bag modeling the scarf...

  15. i love barenia for the picotin, and potiron trim is just icing on the cake!!!
    gorgeous!!!!!:yahoo: :nuts: :yahoo: :nuts: :yahoo: