anybody under 5'4" own a mizi?

  1. i'm 5'2" and I'm wondering if it would be too big of a bag for me. Now that I can't go look at it at the store, I feel like I am overanalyzing it... or talking myself out of it.

    so with that said... any shorties out there that own one?
    maybe i should get a klara instead.
  2. I have one and I am fairly short. I can take a picture for you! : )
  3. Don't mind the outfit, it totally does not match the bag! LOL. Hope this helps:

  4. DAMN Michelle, I hope you don't take offense to this but... YOU'RE SMOKING HOT!!! :yes:
  5. ^ i second that! you are so tiny, and i mean that in a good way. that is one gorgeous bag too.
  6. Aww thanks! :shame:
  7. Michelle, I never say this to anyone but you are like Victoria Beckham...gorgeous, well put together, and AMAZING taste in handbags! I have yet to find a girl to date that's all three...
  8. Wow michelle, you look great!
  9. Well, thank you very much. If you like this picture, you should see me all dressed up for the LV cocktail party tomorrow night! Hehe. Kidding. But, seriously thanks.
  10. omg michelle you are so hot girl!!!!!! :smile:
  11. :nuts: NO! No kidding ,you should definitely take some pics and let us drool:drool: You sure look HOT! :yes:
  12. Yah, but I will post pictures of me AT the party! My sister is a total picture whore so, I am certain there will be plenty of photos to share. :lol:
  13. :wlae: :wlae: Oh YES...thank you Michelle and you girls have a wonderful time:jammin: :flowers:
  14. Ooh la la Michelle! You make me want the mizi EVEN MORE!
  15. Cant wait to see your pics, Michelle!
    And yes, you look HOT!