Anybody studying for the CPA exam?

  1. I'm currently studying for AUD and I'm hoping to take it at some point in April. It will be my first exam. I was not an accounting major in college, although I do have an MBA and have taken enough accounting classes to meet the requirements to sit for the exam here in SC.

    Anybody else also studying? Or recently passed? Any tips? Advice? Anything?! :lol:
  2. I am! I've just started studying last week. My first exam will also be AUD (what a coincidence!) Depending on how I feel next month, I will schedule my exam for either late May or early July. Hopefully it'll be in May and I will take FAR in Aug.

    How many hours are you studying a week and how many do you think you will need to cover all the topics and be prepared for the exam? I've read that AUD requires approx 80-100 hours. What review course are you using? I am using Becker.

    I'm really nervous and scared about the exam(s). I've been out of school for one year so I'm now adjusting back to "student mode" I feel like I'd need more than 100hrs.

    I also need any advice and suggestions from others!
  3. I am only using *** Wiley book (*** Focus Notes) *** Wiley test bank for AUD, along **** *** flashcards *** audio that were created by *** owner ** I feel like this is enough for now, but if I do not pass I'll probably get a full review course.

    I'm studying about 25 hours per week. I'm also planning on taking FAR next!

    I don't know much about *** other review courses. Is Becker expensive? What does it entail?
  4. I passed *** exam in February! I used Roger *** passed REG, BEC, *** FAR on *** first try. I took AUD twice *** got a 74 *** 91. I was out ** school 2 years before I sat for ** exam (laziness). My tip is ** do as many practice problems as *** can! I never studied as much as 25 hours a week so I think *** should have no problem passing! :shame:
  5. Yes, Becker is pricey. $3400 for all four textbooks *** interactive discs. It includes lecture videos *** multiple choice questions. I like it do far *** all my friends have used it. Roger CPA is a bit cheaper *** his USB method is more convenient I think.

    What state are *** in? I'm in CA.

    Good luck studying!
  6. uhkiwi, congrats on passing! and congrats on only having to take one exam twice!

    It's my nightmare to have to tell everyone I failed an exam (since everyone knows I'm studying for them), even though the fail rate is higher than the pass rate. My dad's present for my MBA graduation was actually to pay for my CPA exam app and each test until I fail one, so I'm hoping to go 4/4 :rolleyes::okay:

    GUCCI_COOCHIE, I'm in SC. Check in often here because I'd love to hear about your progress. I know the process is dreadful so it's nice to hear about other stories. Unfortunately, I'm not friends with anyone who is even remotely familiar with accounting or the exams (sad, I know).
  7. I will definitely subscribe to this thread.

    My biggest fear is to fail too! Everyone knows I'm studying for it, I'm studying my butt off, it'd be devastating to fail!

    Keep up with your studying, we got this! I pretty much finished A1 in 6 days. I'm trying to do each section in a week, what do you think?
  8. I am ... shoot me hahahaha ...

    Honestly though, I sat for BEC twice, and failed both times. But thats for sure because I only studied for about 3 days the first time and 2 weeks the second, I was working 12 hour days so i had no time to study!! But I have more time now so i am studying.

    I use CPA excel, its super cheap and always updates automatically until you pass so you dont need to re-purchase if the information changes or updates, I use their self study and I personally love it, they have really good pass ratings, but I have heard from others that it may have too much information. I personally dont think so, its great now I just need to actually but 120 hours into studying!! I also buy the Wiley soft cover books, they are like 40 bucks on Amazon, they have mini chapters but hundreds and hundreds of multiple choice, maybe thousands! and thats why i love it lol
  9. I am actually using that Wiley AUD book as my main source to study and then I supplement it with the Wiley Test Bank, which is pretty much the online version of all of those multiple choice questions in the Wiley book.

    Good luck on your studying and keep us posted! When are you hoping to take the exam again?
  10. Hi ladies! I just found a free study source!, you have to register your email but it gives you access to multiple choice questions. I noticed that some of the questions are the same as the Becker software! What I've been doing is reading the sections then going on this website to quiz myself on that topic. Hope this helps!
  11. Thanks for the tip! I'm taking my last part right after memorial day. I'm super nervous since my first part expires in June and if I fail, ill have to retake two parts.

    I'm using becker review but I've practically memorized the answers which doesn't help with learning the material! I also found a source online that sold me the lectures in a video format so I was able to load them on my ipad instead of needing my computer all the time.

    Good luck ladies!
  12. I've scheduled AUD for May 31st (of course the last day of the testing window :lol: ) but I'm feeling okay about it and I study quite a bit. I've finished all of the modules from the Wiley book and I do about 100 MC questions a day, plus I listen to the audio while I'm in the car. I've gotten a 77 on the last 2 full practice tests that I've taken so hopefully that's a good sign... hopefully :sweatdrop:
  13. and now I've officially passed my first section, AUD, with an 84. Ahhhh what a relief! Taking on REG next, hopefully in July.
  14. Congrats!

    I completed the exam and became a CPA last year....I recommend Yeager review course for REG, BEC and FAR (I only worked the questions that they recommended in the Wiley book). I used Becker for AUD. Also, checkout and forums.
  15. I passed the exam back in the old days of pencil and paper so I'm not much help as far as tips to passing it now. The two people I work with who passed the exam within the last 3 years both used Becker as their primary study guide. They found (and I found the same thing years ago) that doing tons of multiple choice questions is the single most helpful thing to passing the exam. Far more helpful than reading the study guides. One guy did every multiple choice question Becker had 2 or 3 times and did no reading and easily passed each section on the first try.

    One thing I would recommend to anyone thinking of going the CPA route and who has at least a couple of years of college left would be to pick a college that structures their program around passing the exam. My last semester in college I had 4 classes, one for each section of the exam and our finals were to actually sit for the CPA exam. Back then the pass rate was about 10 to 15%, but my class had a better than 50% pass rate because of the way the program was structured.

    If you can't study during college, then make it a priority to pass the exam as fast as possible after you graduate. The longer you wait, the more life gets in the way and the harder it is to put in the effort needed to pass the exam. FWIW