Anybody still use their PINK Cambon bags??

  1. I know a lot of ppl still use their black/black cambon or the patent on black cambon bag. If you have a PINK cambon bag, do you still use it? I am tempted to sell out my pink bowler as it seems to make me look too young. What do you think? I am in my high 20s. Also, I never see anyone who is 30s or older using a pink cambon bag either. However, I love the size of the pink cambon bowler bag though.
  2. I love my pink cambon medium tote. I think it is my favorite bag ever. I am well over 30 and pink is my favorite color so I feel very happy wearing it. I don't think it will ever go out of style. I kind of wish I bought another cambon bag. I got mine on the first markdown 30% off and my wallets at 70% off last year--I really wish I bought another cambon, the bowler is a stunning bag and I would have loved to own it.
  3. the bowler is my fave style, but i'd prefer a more neutral color :smile: