Anybody sew your own outfits?

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  1. I know sewing is a dying art but I figure with so many girls into fashion on this board, someone is bound to sew their own clothes at least from time to time.

    I started teaching myself how to sew garments a few months ago and while I haven't made anything extraordinary, I have definitely learned tons and made a few wearable pieces in the process LOL.

    Anyone else?
  2. Junehawk...I am dying to learn. I was given a sewing machine last Christmas, and still haven't gotten it out of its box. I keep meaning to signup for classes, but haven't gotten around to it!
  3. I used to sew and make clothes when I was much younger (high school) but there are a few techniques I never learned so I don't feel confident making a lot of things. I also don't have a sewing machine anymore (although that would be a nice idea now). I should look into it.
  4. I do!! I taught myself, actually my sister showed me how to thread the needle and the lock seams, but that's it. I only mend things and make kids clothes though.
  5. Why was this thread moved? It was about sewing your clothes and that's why I started in in "The Wardrobe".
  6. sewing = crafting
  7. I learned to sew from my mother. It was great in high school. I could make something and no one else had the same thing.
    I haven't made anything in years, but the skills have helped me to make my own alterations when needed.
  8. i have a machine and i want to get into sewing baby clothes...i just don't have the time right now :sad:
  9. I don't sew clothing pieces but I do make my felt pins by sewing them!
    I learned when I was little, my mom just gave me some material and showed me how to do regular stitches and whipstitches and let me at it. I ended up making a sleeping bag for my Barbie doll...I think I still have it somewhere lol.
  10. In middle school I sat at my mom's sewing machine one day and just started sewing.
    It's so gratifying after you make something that you can actually wear! You should see the first things I ever made... quite scary, but I wore them proudly anyway. I've gotten much better since!
  11. I took a sewing class last year before i got married, and I've been bugging DH to get me a sewing machine for the last year or so. I'm hoping that maybe this Xmas he'll get me one. I don't really remember that much, but I'd like to try my hand at making us some new curtains & pillow cases before branching out to actual clothing.

    And yeah, I really could go out & buy my own machine, but that's too much pressure! I'd probably wind up wanting an super-machine that I'd be too intimidated to use.
  12. I haven't made any clothes or anything. Just skirts for my yorkie, curtains, and pillows etc. Here's my latest creation, ebi sushi costume :biggrin:

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    I sew. In fact, my Mom is coming over tomorrow to help get me started on my first quilt. Yah! It's a christmas quilt, and no, it won't be done in time for christmas this year. The fabric is a combo of nutcrackers, candycanes, and gingerbread men. I'm really excited because I've never sewn a quilt before. In the past I have sewn clothing, costumes, upholstery, blankets, hemmed pants, etc. My advice if you are new at sewing is to learn to love your seam ripper because you will be using it a lot. My sewing machine is a really old (1950's or 1960's era) Singer 401A. It's a great machine because it has all metal parts and almost never needs service. In the approximately 20 years that I've had the machine I've only taken it in for a tune-up once. Someday I hope to get a fancy machine that will do embroidery.
  14. It has been my desire to learn how to sew. My daughter is planning on become a fashion designer and she has asked me for a sewing machine. I think we're going to get one soon and I am so anxious to learn to make stuff. I have always been interested in wearing unique outfits so this would be an awesome thing to learn. I have some ideas of what to create already, I just need the machine and a little tutorial.
  15. A Janome was my first and was SOOOOO easy to learn on!
    My sis knew how to sew years before and had 2 different brands. Came to my house, used mine and went home and sold both of hers and bought a Janome too! She sells beautiful boutique clothes on etsy :biggrin: