anybody seen?

  1. anybody seen the black patent simple pump in 85mm or 100mm in stores lately? i really want these but ive only called bg in new york and their out, any luck anywhere else? thanks girls:heart:
  2. I've only seen them online.
  3. I think our local Holt Renfrew has some. The fuschia glitter patent ones are now gone (I got one of the pairs).
  4. I believe I saw them in Barney's in Las Vegas. You could try there. Once the CL boutique opens here(supposedly in march), I will be checking there every few days so if anyone is looking for something, you can always ask me!!
  5. I saw them last week at Saks beverly hills.
  6. i called Barneys in las vegas and they checked and said that no barneys had them in stock at this time so i just ended up ordering them at barneys online but what i have been hearing on this thread, chances are i might not even recieve them, im very worried:sweatdrop:
  7. Yes, I was there on Saturday last week.
  8. I just purchased a pair at Barneys in NYC last week (100 mm, black patent)

    They seemed to have them in stock....
  9. Yeah, Barneys in NYC has them.