Anybody seen this MJ quilted tote on sale in black???

  1. Hi girls. I was just wondering if anybody has seen the MJ quilted tote in black on sale anywhere? I have seen it on sale on various websites in ivory, etc, but I really want this one in black. I'm out of town and unable to get to an actual department store, so any info on stores that have it on sale would be great so I could just do a charge send! Thanks so much in advance. :smile: :smile:

    Here's a pic of the tote from the net-a-porter site.
  2. Yay, love this tote, I want one myself!

    There were 2 in black at San Francisco Bloomingdales. The number is 415 856 5300, ext. 244 for Marc Jacobs Handbags. My all-time fave SA there is Robert (he's awesome AND gorgeous!) and he'll be back from vacation on Friday...I don't know if you can wait until Friday to buy the bag, though! If not, I'm sure any of the other SAs there are cool, too! Good luck!
  3. Ashakes, this tote is on sale at Nordstrom for $539.90USD. A SA will be able to help you with its style number (C371014). Good luck. =)

    Nordstrom Downtown Seattle: 206.628.1250 (Peggy)
    Nordstrom Fashion Valley: 619.295.4441 extension 1250 (Joseph)
    Nordstrom South Coast Plaza: 714.957.3604 (Marty)
    Nordstrom Topanga: 818.884.7900 extension 1250
  4. Thanks so much for your help! Bloomies had them but they were still at $945 or something like that. The Nordstroms SAs are trying to track one down for me. The computer is showing they have some at some stores, but I'm sure people are buying things like crazy at these prices! I will keep you guys updated. Again, I really appreciate all of your help. I'm out of town for a bit and away from my favorite stores and all of the fabulous SALES going on now and I'm going crazy!!! LOL Thanks again! :smile:

  5. I think Bloomies will match prices. Not
  6. I think Bloomies will match prices. Not sure, but it's worth asking.
  7. Yeah I thought of that, but then I thought NOOOOO a department store wouldn't do that, but you were right!!! Nordstroms doesn't have any so I called Bloomies back! She put it aside and is doing the sale for me as we speak. LOL Thanks!!! :smile:
  8. Thanks to all of you who replied! I ended up buying it from Bloomies. The SA was great and gave it to me pre-sale. It ended up being a tad over $600, but I did not have to pay sales tax or shipping. If I purchased it at Nordstroms, I would have had to pay tax, shipping, etc. so it worked out to be the same. Plus, Nordstroms was sold out anyways! Thanks again for all of your suggestions. :tup:
  9. YAY! I'm so glad you got one, and at such a great price, too! Please post pics when you get it!