anybody seen this bowler IRL??? (pics)

  1. These pics are from the F/W Ready to Wear catalogue. The bag is described as the "Calfskin Bowling Bag" for $2,195. Does anbody know what the leather is like, and what color the hardware is? Thanks.

    (Chanel experts: I apologize in advance if this bag has already been covered in the subforum. But there are SO many threads on the new F/W bags, and they are so long, and the names of the bags are so similar and repetitive, that it's getting really hard to keep them all straight. :nuts: )
    Chanel01.JPG Chanel02.JPG Chanel03.JPG
  2. I haven't seen it IRL yet.
  3. I think I saw it at Neimans in Tysons or Saks at CC last weekend.
  4. ^^Really? I may have to go check that out. They sent me an invite in the mail about some exotic skins they have in, but I really want to see that bag.
  5. ^^^ Lemme know, since I'm in the D.C.-area too! Thanks.
  6. Sorry, my head is in the clouds still from my Chanel purchase, but I *think* I saw this bag at the Chanel boutique in San Francisco or at Neiman Marcus.
  7. I've seen it in white. It's cute but I thought the diamond stitch doctor's bag was cuter - HTH
  8. I am loving that bag. I wish there were chanel boutiques at the beach! I can't wait to get home and shop. LOL
  9. Please pardon me for *bumping* my own two-week-old thread, but I'm still interested in this bag and am wondering if anyone has more information or pictures.

    (I like the Cloudy Bundle bags too, but I think this one is different, right???)
  10. I saw this bag in black at Neiman Marcus in San Diego. The hardware was silver.
  11. I'm pretty sure NM at Tysons had it over the weekend. They had a few on display. Also check the chanel boutique in tysons - maybe I saw them there. Getting forgetful as I age :sad:
  12. I found this on another thread about this same bag, don't know if it'll help{?}:

    This bag is called ROUND BOWLING
    available in White, Black and beautiful coral color.
    I love the bag because it's really light weight.

    It's soft calf skin with shining silver hardware.
    Measurements around 14" left to right and 7.5" tall around 6" side wide.

    also available in smaller size style no# on this bag is A33477 and smaller size is A33476
  13. How much is it?
  14. The OP said it's $2195.
  15. Just got one in black .... it is the Round Bowler and it is very unusual .... the way they shaped the leather and it is so soft .... I love i t... it cost about 2,051 USD in HK because i think it comes in two sizes ... it has diamond stiching, silver hardware and the new silver logo plate and the shape is just so different!!!