anybody seen this bag lately?

  1. I was hoping that somebody out there can help me find a cotton club tote. I really want to get this bag but seems hard to find. It would be great also if you found it at a Saks location so I can purchase it for the EGC event. Thanks for any help.
  2. none at my Saks...sorry! :tdown:
  3. Havent seen these bags in a while....Totes at least...
  4. I saw bronze, silver and white on black totes at NM Fashion Island about a week ago.
  5. Does anyone know if any store has the black rock and chain bag? I want the one that's more free form. The lady from the Chanel store just phoned me and said that it's not in anyone's inventory in the Chanel boutiques.

  6. The really big rock and chain? Try NM KOP I know they had it in white or black and also python.