Anybody Seen This Baby?

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  1. Hello,

    I have a question concerning a particular Louis Vuitton bag:heart: . I bought it today from a second-hand (i couldn't have afford to buy it new, but this one it almost new)and they couldn't tell me what it's name was....i was wondering if anyone can help me find the name of this beauty....

    It came with it's dust bag and 2 keys for the Suhali Lock....It looks like it's from the Suhali Line, but i have no idea what its name is.....i couldn't find it anywhere on the net.

    I know that new it retails for almost 2000 dollars. I paid 800... :smile:

    Here are some pictures:

    Thank you for taking your time to read this!:yes:

  2. It's called a L'Affriolant. Very pretty! :heart:
  3. Hey,
    Thank you so much for your help!
    It's apparently a very rare model :drool: (i google-ed it and it only found one photo :smile:).
    What a bargain this was....

    Thank you again!

  4. Woww !! Affriolant is really a good name !!!

    Affriolant = tempting in english !

    I love your bag and the colour is amazing !!
  5. Thank you so much!
    I realize i made a really good investment :yahoo:

    I got my eyes on a LV Sac de Nuit it's so so pretty, but out of my budget right now......:crybaby:

    Anyone wanna buy L'Affriolant?


  6. I am so jealous! You got this bag at a really good price and the Prune color is TDF! : )
  7. The colour is indeed gourgeous. It's a mauve/prune/auberinge, but it's not flashy: The camera's flash makes it look a bit "wild".

    I saw a Sac de Nuit with Red Lizard triés, it's stunning.....

    No Selling Here! Thank you.
  8. I think that the good colour is aubergine, you want to sell it ? It is too expensive for me... I hope you find a good buyer ! :smile:
  9. I would sell it for 1200 euros.....
    If anyone is interested please post here. I can post more pictures!

  10. absolutely beautiful! 800?!? GREAT PRICE dear, hope you make a good flip :smile:
  11. Wow. :wtf: What a pretty bag and steal of a deal you got, assuming it is authentic... Congrats!
  12. The bag is authentic:yes:
    I took it at the LV Boutique in Luxembourg (where i live) and they confirmed.

    The owner of the SH where i bought it is a friend of mine, i wouldn't have "invested" 800 dollars in suspicious bag :smile:
  13. it's so pretty!!! congrats!

    but....i don't think you're allowed to even try to sell your stuff here ---- unless you're at market place........?!!!
  14. I am not "selling it" here, i just asked if there are any amateurs, considering that it's such a beautiful and rare bag and here there are only connaisseurs ;)
  15. This looks like an offer to sell...THERE IS NOT SELLING ON THE FORUM. Please read the rules. This is grounds for being BANNED.
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