Anybody seen these Koobas before?

  1. i havent seen them before but revolve clothing is reputable and here it is on there
    Kooba Daniela Medium Slouchy Shoulder Bag in Gold at Revolve Clothing - Free Shipping!

    ALTHOUGH when you click it is shows a belt but click on view more images and there is one of the bag
    i geuss they messed up loading the pics!

    and the other one i dunno i dont see anything when i google it,,,,

    i have no idea wait for lexie heeh she knows all kooba!
  2. Oh yes, Lexie, where are you? LOL
  3. Hmm... it seems strange. Logo print lining was on Kooba bags quite a while ago. Currently Kooba has the new canvas lining, before that the lilac ultra suede, then the neutral colored ultra suede, and the logo lining came before that. I would definitely be skeptical. I wish Active Endeavors had more details/pictures... ???
  4. I hope they're not fake! I ordered and received one of the larger Pink Koobas from bluefly a couple of weeks ago, it's going to be my spring bag. I just LOVE it! The leather is like baby skin, well maybe even softer, and the quality is definitely there.
  5. These are older bags ... they are not new styles at all it's weird that they are stocking them now. I had seen the Helena and Kim before, but never the Daniela, unsure about that one.
  6. I've seen them both before. daniella is from early 2005, came in a few bright colors and in black. helena from sometime around then, maybe late 2005? totally legit, with the logo lining.
  7. Thanks heavens! I don't care how old they are, I was searching for a pink bag and when I saw the Kooba, it was :heart: at first site.
  8. These bags have been on Bluefly forever. I think as far back as 2 years because I check back regularly to see if anything else is added. I have seen the Gold Devlins, Kims, Helena's, Daniela's. About 2 years back they had the Tatum and several others in Suede Plum, Turqouise, and peach colors. I just have not been interested in any particular one but the prices are great and have been coming down on a regular basis. If you use one of those 15% off deals they send me all the time, you could get quite a deal. These bags are real. Actually someone listed one on eBay for like 299.00 or some ridiculous price. I had half a mind to write them and say that I knew she got it off Bluefly for a measly price. She claimed the retail was 650!

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  9. I'm having the exact same problem with posts on my computer screen. It's very frustrating as it wasn't a problem before the change. And no, sorry, I don't know how to fix it either.
  10. it is a problem for you guys only since the new TPF format came out or its been a problem alwayS?
  11. Just since yesterday. Most threads are fine. It's just ones where someone post extra large pics from a camera. And then there is one with the whole line of bags in their signature. That causes the whole thread to "spread out".
  12. Don't know how to help with you with your screen problems, Lexie, but thanks for the info on those Koobas:smile:
  13. I am sorry, I will make my pics smaller than 800x600 in the future! :yes:
  14. Yea! It's all your fault Fondler! I can't even go to the second page of the thread...Waaaa :crybaby:

    I'll live I guess. There's always another Kooba thread to be found :p LOL