anybody seen the Flat Pouch IRL?

  1. is it FLAT!?! ie can you only put bills and cc's in there?!

    thanks for the input!
  2. It really is that flat IRL. It's so cute though!
  3. it looks thicker because the flap on top kind of bends forward.
  4. awww... It's so cute! looks like it has a little insert in the front maybe for ID?
  5. wow!! great info1 I didn't know someone got it already! I think the pouch in the back makes up for the lack of depth! hahah...I was going to change my mind but nevermind! I'm sold on it!!!
  6. OMG, I soo want this but $400 for something so small? I just don't think I can do that. I was thinking of maybe returning my brand new unused mono cles to go towards this but still I have to come up with another $250. Maybe if it was only $250 or $300 I could do it. Damn stupid expensive LV stuff!! Guess I will live vicariously through everyone else who gets this.
  7. ^^ I waitlisted for this item as well.... I was initially going to return my Pomme D'Amour cles which has been sitting in its box (after photo op of course) since I found out about the flat pouch. I decided to keep the cles and am still debating on the pouch... I will probably end up getting it anyway as I believe this is the only color I will truly loooveee in vernis!
  8. My thoughts exactly when I saw the price. :yes:
  9. I'm having second thoughts.....:s A couple hundreds more and I can get a bag:wtf:

    I need to play the lottery!
  10. yeah, I was thinking that it is a bit much for something small...but it can be used as a lil pochette when going shopping and just need money and cc..or as a wallet substitute to use in lil itty bitty purses like pochettes or sophie :love: ...I was thinking of getting a cles too...but I think for half the price I will probably use this more and I already have a cles..PLUS you get the lil CHARMS!!! I'm trying to justify my purchase :shame:

    I'm sure I'll like it when I receive it (hate not being able to see my items first), but worse comes to worse I decide I don't want it I can always sell it right?!
  11. haha..that's what I was thinking! If I don't get this I would get a Sophie :love: ... but this is really pretty...someone help me...:wtf:

  12. I just LOOOVVVEEE this color! I did not return my cles because I was afraid I'd regret it and end up having to pay double on e-bay. I also have the Pochette Wallet which I use as a clutch sometimes - that I will NEVER part with! I do loovvee the charms on the Flat Pouch and your right, this is more practical than the cles. I'm so indecisive:shame:
  13. Hey wait, I thought that it was $375? Every dollar counts you know! Can someone confirm? I guess I should call my PS...

  14. I know me too!! we're not helping each other!'re getting convinced and I'm getting unconvinced. The few points that's keeping me convinced is I'd rather have this than a cles...everything else in that line is out of my budget...and i love the colour. I just keep thinking abou the Sophie and if I get one of those on eBay I have to shell out ANOTHER $400 :yucky: and I don't want to do of 11:30 PM Monday night I am still holding on to the flat pouch!