Anybody seen a Shopping in stores?

  1. I am thinking about getting a Shopping to use as an everyday haul-my-stuff-around bag. Open on color. Has anybody seen any Shopping bags in retail stores? Thanks in advance!
  2. Monsoon posted pics on a thread somewhere of the shopping bags they have available at BalNY! I love this style! I will try and find the picture for you!
  3. Thanks!
  4. Here you go~

  5. Thanks! I can identify all colors except the red - is that vif or theater? Can you direct me to the post?
  6. It's rouge '05!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  7. Oh my, I might have to place a call to Daphne! Thanks! :yes:
  8. Oh, do they have more than one? I don' want to take yours!
  9. I don't know but go get it!!!!!! I have just over spent!!! I will be so happy for you!!! Get it before it's gone!
  10. Thanks, I have a bag for sale now so if that sells I know my rouge 05 shopping is meant to be!
  11. I had an ink and sold it. I LOVE that style and I want one in Truffle, Sandstone, or Caramel. It's great because my laptop will fit in it with room left for files, whatever. I love the way that it opens wide so you don't have to hunt for things. I am definately going to add a shopping as soon as I find the color I want.
    The ink was gorgeous. Lots of purple. :crybaby: I'm surprised this style isn't more popular. I think it's really user friendly. I hate bags that are a PITA to get things in and out of. The shopper is so easy. Plus I like the proportions. Nice shape.
  12. I've been thinking how I should have bought your ink, powder! :sad:
  13. i remember there was a greige one in downtow toronto's holt renfrew 2 months ago.
  14. I have two of them ... one in the '06 Ink color and the other is the '05 Denim & Marron Leather. So, I typically use the Ink one for business and the other for more casual wear (if I need an extra bag - usually when SHOPPING :yahoo: :biggrin: for :heart: FUN :heart: stuff!!).

    Wow ... would have never thought that BalNY would still have an '05 Rouge Theatre Shopping ... hmmmm ....