Anybody seen a MAM in Yellow/Silver?

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  1. Ok, I just saw a photo posted by cig0408 of this combination and I totally loved it!! I checked out all the online boutiques that were posted her and only JC Madison has it, but only in MAB :sad: Is this from S/S 08 collection? I am from outside US and can only purchase these beauties from an online shop, if anyone has seen one, please lemme know!TIA!:flowers:
  2. ^Hi chinkee, I will keep a lookout for you... :smile:
  3. so will I.... Maybe they'll have it at the sale in May and you could call in....(Wishful thinking:angel:)
  4. I know lunaboston has some on order. No idea when they will get them in. I think a few other stores will be getting in the mini size as well, I just can't remember.
  5. sorry double clicked
  6. Wait I think someone said they saw one at Bloomies in NY, and that if you called Bloomies you could order RM. It's worth a shot
  7. ^^ Thanks ladies!! But does bloomies ship abroad?:shrugs:
  8. Chinkee! I just found this in the hotspot.

    The RM trunk show at Owl's Lab in NYC will have the yellow/silver combo bag. It will also be 15% off. You should call them or email them. I'm sure they should be able to international ship.
  9. Desi You Are The Wooooooooman!
  10. oh wait, full brochure? is there somewhere to see all the bags that will be there??
  11. The ad says the spring and summer collection will be shown...but hasn't that already come out yet? what colors will be there, the new ones Megs showed us?
  12. Thanks for the tip, des!!:flowers: