anybody seen a blue paddington?

  1. I think I would really like the blue paddington, but I can't seem to find one. I saw the green hobo at Saks, but that's as close as I came. I am not real comfortable buying from, which is the only blue I found. Am I just bein paranoid? Does anybody have any experience with them? If you have seen the blue paddy in the US please let me know.
  2. I think most if not all folks have been happy with the product that has come from They only issues that I have heard with them are: 1)want personal info (bank acct etc) to verify credit card purchases--this is not the case if you use paypal and 2)bag was shipped in a very small box. As far as I know the bags have all be verified as authentic.
  3. There are at least 3 different blues: the bleu nuit with brass hardware from FW05/06 (which is TDF), and the navy with silver hardware from FW06/07 (I returned the one I got from LVR – it had too much purple undertones), and another blue with a slight metallic/satin finish for FW06/07 with black hardware (this one is nice if you like the black hardware).
  4. If you check the other Diabro thread you will see my pics of mine. I had a great experience with them. My only complaint was that they would not do a price match for me after they reduced the price by almost $100 less than what I had paid.

    There's also a small pic of it in my siggy. HTH!
  5. Thanks for all the great info. I was glad to hear that the blue I thought I wanted had purple undertones. I don't think that will work for me. I think the one I liked was the older one from 05-06, which I think will be hard to find. If you guys have seen one from a reputable reseller, let me know
  6. April The blue Nuit you seek is very sought after - you're best bet is eBay and if you see one post it here on the Authenticate this thread. I am still looking myself so will keep you posted if I see any. I did manage to secure one but it had to go back - sob sob!
  7. I agree - bleu nuit, IMO, is the best out of all the blues, too.

    I missed one on eBay a few months back for £350...and the seller never re-listed it.:crybaby:
    It is on my 'to get sometime in the future' list.:yes:
    Would definitely recommend it!
  8. I want the bleu paddington from 05-06 soooo bad, but I no longer trust e-bay. There is one that looks totally fake up there on e-bay right now. I don't have the patience or the stomach to worry, wish, hope it's real and take the time to authenticate. If any of you see one from a reputable seller, please let me know.