Anybody saw a Cloudy Bundle lately?

  1. Hey gals,

    I'm newbie here. :sweatdrop: I am dying to get my hands on a cloudy bundle n/s tote. I know it's a seasonal bag from last year, and I've been calling Saks and nm for days, but still don't have any luck. :cursing:

    I'm hoping there are still a couple ones floating out there...oh please. Just wondering, if any of you gals have seen it lately?

    Thanks gals!
  2. you should give Marjorie Vogel at Saks Greenwich a call. She recently located something for me from this cb collection and can try to help you find yours. You can tell her Larkie referred you!
  3. Call Hirshlifer's at NYC (516) 627-3566 ask for Diane. I bought mine there a few weeks ago, she told me there is 2 more left in beige color.
  4. Thanks gals! You guys are aweson.

    I called Chanel today, and was told they had a couple ones in PINK. Has anyone seen this bag in pink? I am really curious what kinda of pink it is. :biggrin: