anybody remember sliders?

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  1. I bought the box set of season 1-2 a month ago and every night i am watching a couple episodes. i miss this show! I even remember getting my teen people magazine and getting jerry o'connell pictures :girlsigh: that me and my friends at school would :drool: over haha :P
  2. I remember that show! It was a good show but I never got too into it. Jerry O'Connell's all grown up now.
  3. jerry is still cute! he's the reason i watched crossing jordan a few years back :P
  4. yhea i do ;)
  5. I never watched the show, but I sure remember when he and his brother used to go out on the town hitting on any woman in sight! It was pretty funny.
  6. was that the one where they travelled through dimensions and wound up getting lost and couldnt get back to their original time?!?!
    I always mix all these shows up.
  7. Yes! :yes:
  8. I remember this show from way back then -- it was pretty good but I can hardly remember much
  9. OMG, I'd forgotten all about that show!
  10. I used to watch this all the time.