Anybody registered their Chloe products?

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  1. I just received my first Chloe purchase from and it looked great. It came with a dust bag, tags, authentication card and care instructions. I was even able to match the serial number from the card to the serial tag inside the item. Since I heard numerous rumors about bluefly, I immediately registered the item at and asked them to authenticate my purchase. I received an email response from them this morning that they will work on checking it for me. I can tell the item I have on hand looks authentic but at the same time I ain't an expert on this...also my paranoia kicks in as I hate counterfeits to death. Has anyone had experience how the turn around is with Chloe regards to this things? I want to make sure I have enough time to return my item in case Chloe says its not real.
  2. I've registered an item with Chloe, but I didn't ask them to authenticate it and just received an email saying; 'Thanks for registering...'.

    I'm not sure how they could authenticate it - other than to say that an item with that datecode number was made?

    If you're worried about authenticity, the best thing to do is to post pics of it on the Authenticate This Chloe thread. :smile:
  3. The only way they may 'authenticate' would be to state that the source is authorised - i.e., not a 'grey' market!
  4. thanks ladies! I did get the same email for the registration but I went on the Chloe's customer service site as well where i posted a question about finding a specific product with the barcode, I don't know if they really look into it but I was just wondering how it works since they did email back with this:

    thank you for your interest in Chloé.
    Your request has been taken into consideration and will be processed shortly.

    Kind Regards

    The Chloé Team.
  5. ^ I really hope they do get back to you, madsaboutyou - but I've had that reply, too, after asking questions about product availability (on several different occasions, now!) and then, have received nothing further! :rolleyes: :nogood:

    Honestly, Chloe's customer service sucks, big time! :tdown:
  6. I just got this email today so I'm posting it just to see how far this thing with them goes...I already had my Chloe item authenticated at the Chloe Authentication thread and the ladies there confirmed it genuine. Here's another email from Chloe team ( I made sure I sent them all the stuff they needed)

    Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, I can not confirm the
    authentication of the wallet based on the serial number. We do have a
    Victoria wallet. There is no way to authenticate a wallet unless you have
    our Chloe style number, which should come on the round Chloe tag when you
    buy the wallet. If you still have the Chloe tag, you can email me the style
    number, otherwise, if you would like to send me a photo, I can take a look
    and try to authenticate it that way. Please also include where you bought
    the wallet. Thank you!
  7. Hi Chloehandbags, believe it or not but I received an email from Chloe's customer service right after I sent them all the info they needed! Here's the email:

    Dear -----,

    This is the correct style number for our Chloe Victoria wallet, and it is
    made in Spain. This sounds like it is authentic. Please let me know if I
    can help you with anything else.

    Chloé Customer Relations
  8. i have registered previous bags but you only get a email saying thanks for registering!
  9. madsaboutu - Whilst I appreciate what they are saying in the email - TBH - fakes can also have the correct style number and have 'Made in Spain' in them. The counterfeiters buy the authentic item - rip it apart and then produce mirror images of what they've seen.

    This really isn't any way to authenticate any item - i.e., the style number is correct. You need to see photos of the item - and check it that way - and not merely by information on a tag.

    I can't actually believe that they are happy to authenticate this way - its absurd.
  10. Hi Lescoy,

    I apologize if I was not clear on my previous post, they did request for photos of the item, I sent them 4 in every angle to be exact...and they also asked that I identify the site I bought it from. I got it from Bluefly and they did not say anything about Bluefly not selling authentic Chloe items.
  11. ^ Oh, how interesting!

    This is certainly a development.

    Thanks for letting us know, madsaboutu! :flowers:
  12. madsaboutu - No you weren't clear in that you didn't mention sending photos. You also show the email which states it 'sounds' as if its authentic - which is rather confusing - as if they've seen photos - I'd have assumed they'd have said it 'looked' authentic.

    Put it this way - if that were written as a 'statement of 'non-authenticity' i.e., it said it 'didn't sound' authentic - then PayPal for sure wouldn't accept it -

    I'm not questioning you - just rather the wording of your post/copy and paste of email response. Its not definitive IMO.
  13. Ooops, i guess I just assumed you were able to read my previous posting that's why I didn't mention on the next one. They sent me an email (I italicized it ) asking for photos and website were item was purchased before they sent me the next email. Hope that clarifies it.
  14. #14 Feb 12, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2010
    ^^ your post shows where they say send a photo - well one photo isn't enough - but you have said you have sent more. The mail - 'There is no way to authenticate a wallet unless you have our Chloe style number....... etc., etc.' That in itself is an odd statement- as counterfeiters also are able to have the style number - so that style number in itself is not a guarantee of authenticity.

    I'm not disputing your post - and I WAS able to read your previous posting.

    Irrespective of that - I am checking with Chloe Paris - with regard to BlueFly - as right now - they are not - from our information- Authorised Stockists of Chloe.

    Perhaps I should clarify the above in case you misunderstand - they appear on other brands as authorised - or reputable - but in terms of being reputable - that does not necessarily mean that they are Authorised and there IS a difference.

    Interestingly enough I've had a conversation with Paris this week regarding this subject and it is not the policy of Chloe to discuss sellers who are not authorised.
  15. I might jump in here and add in my two cents. Feel free to ignore me if you wish :smile: When I was in communication with chloe over my broken heloise hobo, they wouldn't do anything until they were able to confirm the style number, which is why they may have asked the OP for it?

    I think it's a Chloe thing, they make a lot of styles and may need the style number to make sure they know exactly what item is being talked about? When I sent them photos of all the details on my heloise hobo they needed an extra one of the entire bag to confirm the style number. I sent them more photos, the hologram sticker number and the numbers on the serial/date code tag, and then they were able to process the repair.

    Copy paste of one of the emails I received:

    Dear ***
    Can you send me one more photo of the entire bag, I need to determine
    the style number is. Paris will send you a Fedex number to send the
    back to France for repair.
    Thank you,

    Once she had all the extra information she was able to contact the Paris repair centre.