Anybody receive 10% coupon?

  1. I received a coupon for 10% off, anybody else?
    they are pulling out all the tricks,huh?:roflmfao:
  2. yes i did too!

    ^^^ and that was first thing i thought of too!!!!:okay::roflmfao:
  3. A coupon? Never heard of this! Certainly never received one :sad:
  4. 10% off from who? eBay???
  5. ^^ yes.
  6. Aww man.. not me !
  7. Is it the kind where you automatically apply for an eBay mastercard when you use the coupon? If not, then you are lucky! They had this promo in fall 2007! It's for the non-frequent buyers.
  8. Hello,

    I received one! As soon as I use it, I will post the code and see if anyone else can use it too. Check back ladies (and gents)...I'd be happy to share and hope it works for you all too! If not, sorry I tried! :flowers:best wishes.
  9. ^In november, this one guy wrote a letter to eBay asking why he didn't get one, and in return he got a $25 ebay gift certificate. Worth a try.

    But I'm mad at ebay. THIS is what they are spending money on. Increase the sellers fees so they can spend on this. Ugh.
  10. OK I got a coupon but mine says $10 cash back on next purchase of $50 or more...

    Here are the details!

    Here's how to redeem this offer:
    1. Go to and log in.
    2. Start shopping. Look for items with the Buy It Now symbol. Also, be sure the seller accepts PayPal.
    3. Pay for your item with PayPal before the expiration date: February 28, 2008 11:59:59 PM PST
    (Make sure the email address on your eBay account is also on your PayPal account. Find out how.)
    4. That's it--cash will be in your PayPal account by March 28, 2008.

    *Important Terms & Conditions
    This Offer is valid only when you pay with, and seller accepts, PayPal. This Offer is intended for the recipient whose eBay User ID is printed on the Offer and purchase must be made on with that eBay User ID. This Offer is not transferable.
    This Offer is for one-time use. It may only be redeemed on a Buy It Now purchase of a single item that costs $50 or more, excluding shipping, handling, insurance and taxes. This Offer expires February 28, 2008 at 11:59:59 PM (PST).
  11. Well,I'm a frequent buyer(too frequent if you ask dh :graucho:).I received it in the fall as $100 of my bbag.
  12. Frequent buyer here too!
  13. I got the 10% off next $100 or more purchase...
  14. Would have loved that, just spent $750 on a bag!!
  15. Which bag did you get mooks? was the couplon on only or did you see it on