Anybody play games on Pogo?

  1. I am such an addict! I always have tPF, and Pogo open on my Firefox tabs lmao!
    I always anticipate the next challenge, and am so happy when I get a badge! Its really quite sad. Anyway, is anyone else a member of Pogo or Club Pogo?
  2. I play games on Pogo but I don't know what you mean by the club, badge, etc. I just enjoy an occasional game of Word Whomp or Payday Freecell. I keep hoping to win the jackpot! :yes:
  3. I used to but i'm been so swamped lately i don't have time to!!

    have you tried poppit??? OH I love that game but i suck at it... but so addicting!!
  4. My mom just got me a pogo membership. I :heart: it!!!!! Sometimes I come home from work and right away go on pogo to earn a badge. LOL it may sound like a waste of time to some, but its fun and something to do.

    What is your name? I will add to my pogo friends list.
  5. I do! I got into it when my Sims game gave me a membership. I'm always trying to get a jackpot which I doubt will ever happen. :sad:
  6. QueenOfDa702! haha Im so original:shame:.
    I thought there would be more people on there! Its so addicting!
  7. I know! Ive been on there for like 4 years and havent even won a dang mug! lol
  8. I just discovered it and am Word Whomp and Freecell. This is all I need is another online distraction!
  9. Dominoes all the way!