Anybody owns EPI LOCKIT in IVORIE? need your advise! =)

  1. So I'm planning to get a LV for my mom (this will be her first one:graucho:) and thought that Epi Lockit in Ivorie would suit her well. I also think it is a great value for the money. Could anybody that has this bag share their opinion? what do you think of it etc. I couldn't find any pic of this in the lockit clubhouse. Please also post your pic/modelling pic. ;) Do you think this bag will be high maintenance or get dirty easily? My mom lives in a humid country.
    Thanks in advance for your opinion!
  2. Get the Ivoire, there's no vachetta, fresh looking and classy. Sorry don't own one yet but it's on my 2008 wishlist.
  3. I linked it to a modeling pic:

    Sorry, these don't have the ivoire version. :sad: I did try on the ivoire lockit yesterday with a friend...I thought it was gorgeous. I think some people might consider it a "small" bag, but I think it's plenty big and the perfect size! It shouldn't be too high maintenance, albeit it's white...any stains should easily be removed, unlike naked vachetta.
  4. i have an epi lockit in ivorie. i love the bag and i have no problems with it. despite what you might think the epi ivorie is actually very easy to take care of. it doesnt get dirty easily and its a fairly durable bag amazingly.
  5. thank you for your input ladies. I can't believe I couldn't find modelling pic for the ivorie lockit. thank you bernz84 for link to the black epi lockit =)
  6. I have one and it is my favourite bag, it is a perfect size. I haven't had any problems with colour transfer and it is very easy to clean with mild soap (I do mean MILD soap and only a little of it), water & a soft cloth. I haven't got any modelling pics but here is a pic of mine hidden in the background.


  7. WOW laloki, you have a fabulous collection :drool:. u have such a great taste!! I can't wait to see epi ivorie lockit IRL. yours sure looks beatiful! thx for your input;)
  8. ^Thanks lelzkewl, I am glad I was of some help....I am sure your Mum will love the Epi Lockit - you are sweet to be getting her one.
  9. I recently saw an ivory lockit posted with a bandeau the member tied on it. If I find the post, I will pm you!
  10. thank you southerncharm =)
  11. since we are on the topic of LOCKITs .. does
    anyone know off the top of their heads..
    how much a horizontal lockit in mono is right now...??
    i am sure someone must know ...!!

    many thanks !
  12. Hi there, I got a red epi lockit just this month. I've never owned anything ivorie - but the epi line seems pretty durable, even for humid countries. I come from a humid country too!

    So far I love my lockit. It's a nice, comfortable size, and it's very classy looking! I actually love how it's not screaming LV. ;)
  13. Here's mine:

  14. db89 the mono lockit horizontal is $1000 on the lv website.

    The epi is slightly cheaper and i do think it is very pretty and classy, especially the one in ivorie. personally i think it's a little bit small, but that's just because i like big bags. lelzkewl, i say the lockit is a perfect choice if you're mom doesnt carry around much stuff :yes:
  15. Thank you so much everyone for your kind responses. Couturecreature, thanks for posting your pic. your lockits look FAB!! such a great taste! I think I'm getting more convinced now for epi lockit ivorie. It is such a beauty and Classic. thanks again! =)