Anybody owns a Priscilla here??

  1. How do you like her?
    Any pros and cons?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. think e_pinpin have one in white MC, check out THIS, page 10, post 142 :smile:
  3. Yes, i own a black MC and love it except the buckle in the front does not stay up which bothers me but it is the same with all pricilla bags I have seen
  4. I have a white one and my buckle does the same thing. I was wondering if it was just my bag.

    Other than the buckle, I really like the bag. It's roomier than I would have expected.
  5. That bag reminds me of a bowling ball bag from the 50s, in a gooood way. I love that shape.
  6. i have the white one, and i think is very pretty. :graucho:

    mine has the buckle problem too, i put "something" in it. to keep its shape. just for ur refrence.
  7. i have the white one too.. :love:

    it's really cute plus it has a lot of space.. i can put a lot of things inside..
  8. hi! may I ask how do you keep the buckle up by putting "something" in it? :smile: i'm also thinking abt this bag,:yes:

  9. Yes, having heard people "complaining" about the buckets, I want to know the solution too.....that means you have to stuff the little pouch??

    Thanks everyone!
  10. ;) I put some tissue papers in it. to stuff them. since if theres something inside then it wont be flat as it just came, then the buckle wont looks like fall down.
    does that make sense?
  11. thanks phoebe! it does make sense! ;)
  12. Great, thanks Phoebe!! Good to know.
  13. Anyone else has the Priscilla? I am currently stalking her in Black and need to know more about the bag.

  14. i have the white one.. apart from the buckle tat others mention.. i dun think they are anything much wrong for this bag.. however, personally i find the size a little bulky for myself (maybe becos i am not very tall).
    Its still a nice bag..
  15. ^^^ I am 5 feet tall, how big is it? I haven't seen it in real life yet....