Anybody own monogram mat

  1. in Amber? Is it really metallic, like gold?
  2. I believe LVF, Mewlicious and Khoipond89 have something in Ambre.. I remember another PF'er had a PTI as well... maybe run a search or something in 'Ambre'??

    I have the Noir and Violet color.. and I wouldn't say it's REALLY metallic.. more subtle/soft. HTH!
  3. yeuxhonnettes has a mat shelton in noir

  4. oops, sorry I meant 'amber'

    there's an item on ebay right now, don't know if it'll give you an idea of the color, but here:

    eBay: LOUIS VUITTON Webster Street Mat purse bag AUTHENTIC (item 200025714177 end time Sep-18-06 18:56:02 PDT)
    but keep in mind that those pics are taken with flash (I think). When my bag doesn't have any bright lights on it, it's pretty muted. I have the Shelton and French Wallet in Noir and the Fowler in Violet.
  5. It's nice either way...the gold sheen isn't too shiny like Vernis, more subdued, but the shimmer is like nothing else, it has these tiny little sparkles....:heart:

    either way, there's no going wrong with Ambre Mat
  6. I have a mono mat medium agenda and a stockton, both in black. They are my favorite LV pieces, I think! I just adore mono mat, esp. in black. I'm sorry the line was discontinued. I think the metallic effect is very subtle -- but it's definitely there. Not so much that you can't carry the items in the daytime or at work, though.
  7. I have an amber PTI - Khoi is right, it is more of a subtle shimmer. Very durable! I am always looking for more amber (of course now that it is discontinued I want it even more!).
    mat wallete.JPG
  8. I have a Mat Shelton in amber. I want to sell it because i don`t use it often.
  9. It's a lovely colour, kind of like a flat honey.

    And just a reminder, selling on the PF outside of the Marketplaza is forbidden. :yes:
  10. I saw a LV SA in Maui carry one once and it looked so hot!
  11. I have the Shelton in Noir but the handles are rocked! They have discolored and I took it onto the store and they say it is normal! I've tried to wipe it clean but nothing has worked.
    I still think its beautiful :smile:
  12. I think the mat gets scratched more easily, or the same as the vernis leather. Im not too sure. You should definitely get the bag in amber. I love discontinued items. :smile:
  13. *sigh* I missed monogram mat purse, I have Stockton in Amber colour gift from my brother, I was poor can't afford to buy another purse to match it bag. Now I know that become discontinued line.

    Does anyone know where I can buy good condition purse? lately e-bay selling used and some imperfection :shrugs: