Anybody own/have owned the Tulum GM?

  1. I'd like to see what it looks like on a person wearing it:smile: . I'm just wondering if it's too big (I'm only 5 ft) because I'm thinking of using it mostly as a messenger bag. Thank you:smile:

  2. Here is a pic of Jill with hers (from her bag showcase):
  3. Thank you, Irene:smile: . Do you know how tall Jill is? Maybe the GM is too big for me:sad: .

  4. I saw a lady with it yesterday and thought that it looked quite big on her. She was about 5'4"?
  5. my aunt has one.. and i tried it before i'm only 5 ft.... and i'm totally in love.. the bag just perfect size for messenger.. and not really big compare to other messenger such as bastille... and the shape is not stiff as well...
    hope it can help
  6. HI! Im 5'6...its a big bag..but its also very smushy so it doesnt seem as big when you wear it...LOVE THIS BAG.