Anybody own an Ellipse backpack?


Whale Tail!
Feb 27, 2006
If so, could you please tell me if your zipper dips in? It's kind of annoying and i've noticed it recently. It's a fairly new purchase and i don't know if i should go back to the store asking. When i was purchasing this, i was comparing it to another bag and i noticed the other one did the same thing but wasn't as severe.
Any help would be great!:biggrin:
I have an ellipse backpack. I'm unsure as to what you mean by "dips in". That makes it sound like the zipper is swallowing itself up or something. Can you elaborate or show a picture? My zipper's just fine! It's worked great for years.
Lol, it's funny how my description earlier gave you the image of the zipper swallowing itself up.
Ok, so, if this description doesn't give you an idea, then i'll post some pictures tomorrow.
What i mean by the zipper dipping in, is it doesn't look even when zipped up. There are some parts where it looks like it caves in a bit, and you could actually adjust it by pushing.
So, imagine the zipper to be shaped as the backpack is shaped (like an ellipse), and imagine my zipper to look like it is caved in a bit (so that would make it not a perfect ellipse).
I maybe be over analyzing this...or i may just have a backpack that is crazy.
But, anyone else out there who knows what i'm talking about, input would be nice.