Anybody own a Stellina?

  1. I'm thinking of getting a Stellina. Can you guys tell me what you think of that bag style?
  2. When I tried it on I didn't really like it... I didn't feel like the strap was quite long enough. I didn't take out the paper though and have since been informed that that is not the correct way to try a bag- make sure you take out the paper.;) The only other thing that kind of bugs me it with the pockets it gets chopped up even more and makes a good print harder to find on certain styles.
  3. The stellina is actually a favorite of mine. I thought it was small, but I'm able to fit A LOT in there (wallet, keys, cell phone, cosmetics case, ipod, digital camera, mirror, gum, small lotion, small perfume, and hand sanitizer.. yeah I carry everything hah). The amount of pockets is a plus because it helps keep everything organized. It can be worn as a messenger or as a shoulder bag. I personally prefer it as a shoulder bag though.
    All in all, it's big enough to hold a ton, but small enough to look like you're not carrying a lot. I love it! :yes:
  4. ^Hi! Would you mind posting pics of you wearing the bag so we can see its size more clearly? Thanks!
  5. i see so many photos of the stellinas and long strap bags... i think the strap would get sucked into my cleavage and i'd have to have someone yank it out. *lol* no but seriously... i don't like the way a strap looks across a big chest. not flattering. :push:
  6. ^LOL! So true.
  7. you can give me some chest! lol ...
  8. I have a stellina and its a great bag but I do wish that the strap was longer. I'm a 38 DD and I wear across the body bags and I sure hope that they dont look bad on me :sad: I hope you guys are more busty than me otherwise I might be walking around looking bad but I love my bags and thats all that matters.
  9. Gladly! I have a cup size I'd love to donate...
  10. Yeah, me too! My cup overfloweth!
    I'm a 38DD. Some across the chest bags work on me and some don't :shrugs:
    I like the nuvola because it's a wider strap and has a little pocket on it. When I did the stellina it was full of paper and just didn't seem long enough. I don't mind the lesport bags across a bigger chest since they have wide straps but I hate a little skinny strap nestled between the ol' girlie globes!
  11. Fortunately my sweater puppets are always connected to my weight -- so when I lose my 10 pounds, they'll be a manageable size again!
  12. :roflmfao:
  13. hee funny name...sweater puppets :biggrin:
  14. My son just got an adios stellina, and I think the style is just the perfect size! I instantly ordered a foresta stellina as soon as I saw his :smile:
  15. Where did you order it from? I was interested in possibly getting one. Other than eBay, I don't know who has foresta.