Anybody own a Pauric Sweeney?

  1. How strong was it? What was the quality like?

  2. Ive been looking at the silver Pauric Sweeney on NAP. Im interested in this too, I hope you dont mind me adding a q as i'm also curious about the size of the overnight bag.
  3. Not at all! I hope somebody can give us a few answers. I'm very curious about how these bags work in real life.
  4. Nobody?
  5. I guess not. lol
  6. I'm actually not that keen on the one Lindsay Lohan has. I'm more interested in the new season bags...
  7. this is off topic.. but does anyone know what brand her sunglasses is in the third photo???
  8. ^^^ Sorry, no idea! But maybe somebody would know if you tried posting the pic in the Accessories thread.

    Have just ordered the patent Sweeney. Will post again, once I've had a chance to try it out.
  9. ooh you got it! What color? Cant wait to hear your opinion. Please post pics when you get it? Did you buy it from NAP?
  10. Ooooo can't wait to see your pics of it.
  11. Hi, it's the black patent -- that's the one that actually attracted me the most, and I did order it from NAP. They now seem to be sold out (re: the black patent, particularly) at NAP USA, but perhaps they will stock more.

    Haven't had a chance to take pictures, but love the bag. Great, strong handles. Gorgeous leather. Lovely smell. Very nice quality.
  12. I have a Pauric Sweeny. It's a Large Tote in Black leather with dark brown handles. There is a Python-skin section in brown right down the middle. The bag is very well made, right down to the plaid lining. I'm eyeing one overnighter that is entirely python in metallic shades of blue-purple. The bag is stunning but my DH is turned off by the fact that it's Python. I'll take a pic of my bag and post it if you'd like.
  13. I am loving pauric sweeney bags at the moment, mostly because they are not too well known, which i love!
    Btw, krustycrabcakes, if you could take a photo that would be awesome, as your bag sounds amazing!! Never seen/heard of that style before!
  14. I work for a celebrity consignment place and I just discovered one of his purses. It is the "overnight"; Lindsay Lohan has one almost identical. They are strong, double handle with leather stitching, large, and a bit heavy. Still love it, but it is too big for me.