anybody own a navy?

  1. My tutoree's mom owns a beautiful blue city (which I've been admiring for about a year and a half now, and hence my dream bag is a cornflower city)...which I think is probably a navy city. DOES ANYONE HAVE THIS BAG? If so, can you please post pictures (I searched the forum but no clear pictures of a navy). I need to decide if my dream bag is a cornflower or a navy. They seem to look similar. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  2. ^^Do you mean INK?
  3. I haven't seen the navy IRL - looks lovely though!
  4. yea, me neither!!! it's such a mystery bag right to me, I haven't really seen anyone post this one.
  5. Also, forgot to add.. here are some pics of the Fall 05 Navy that Cultstatus sent me at the beginning of the year when I was trying to decide on colour..
  6. wow, i still can't believe how similiar navy & cornflower are...i've attached style101's twiggy's below, hopefully she won't mind :flowers:
  7. ^^^ which is navy and which is cornflower? I can't even tell!
  8. oopsy, sorry girl, the left is navy & the right is cornflower :yes:
  9. Wow! The Navy and the Cornflower really do look identical! :yes:
  10. 1 year and a half? Could it be indigo? Indigo came out s/s '05, navy came out f/w '05 - it hasn't been a year and a half since navy was released.